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Discussion in 'Games' started by Metatron, May 31, 2004.

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    Jul 2, 2002
    (I realize this is a not a mac game {wish it was} but I work on my mac, play games on my PC {not that the mac is not a good enough for gaming, which it is now, it is just the classics like thief are pc only}. I am interested to here what any of you who have played the game our the demo think. I played the demo and posted an email i sent to a friend about the game below.)

    You have to download the demo, it is 430 meg, but it is worth it. The game is the most graphic I have ever seen in any game. The lighting engine is just stunning. Everything has a shadow, 3rd person view is just mind blowing, and the sound, will, it is amazing with surround sound. I can listen to a guard in the corner speak, start turning circles, and listen to the voice go around me in circles in real time with perfect clarity. It fully supports creative sound blaster HD. You can go to 3rd person view and see garrets face for the first time (really neat) and if you get close enough to a guard you can watch their mouth move as they speak (never head of that one either. Of course I am unemployed and broke, so I can not buy the game yet, but I might just download it. Got to have it, it is just to good.

    I was scared with eidos taking over the game that all past relevance to the thief trilogy would be lost. Well, they did a good job preserving it. The same sounds, from garrets voice, to when you pick up items. Game play is pretty much the same. I like the new interface with weapons and items and the compass and lighting monitor or much more user friendly. The screen that shows while the game is loading is different, I use to love the spiritual/dark feel with the keepers words while the game was loading. Now it has been changed to a picture of garret with the words on the bottom along with game tips like UT2004. I hope that this in only in the demo though but I doubt it. The only playable level (besides the training level) was big and took me over 1 hour to complete. Great game play and there are still video clips in-between stages or levels in the game. I was surprised to see that the level was split in two that the level was so big that when you go into the inner court yard on the level, it has to reload as if it was a new level (you will see what I mean). It wasn’t bad though, it was natural and a quick relief to stretch you hands and pop your knuckles.

    Over all, giving my opinion solely off the demo, I think that we are going to be quite pleased with this game. I can not weight to run into so hammerites. Oh, the only think I do not like is that there is no sword. So do not get in a hand to hand fight with a guard…you will lose. Just step back a few feet, pull out your bow and fire. It pulls back quicker that in thief 1 and 2, and the guard have about a ½ sec pause to react to pain when they get hit which gives you all the time you need to pull back and fire again. I killed one who ran up on my about three feet away. Hit him 3 times in the head to take him down, but he never got a hit on me. The dagger is great, when you walk up behind someone and thrust down on them in the top of their neck…wow, quick easy kill. Dirty though. And if a guard sees you, you can not take him out with the blackjack like you could in T1 or T2 with multiple hits. They will just call you a kitten and cut you to pieces.

    DO not let the civilian see you, they run and get guards and come running back quick, hide, pull out your bow and kill’em all baby.

    Well I will stop before I give anything else away. I am way too exited to wait to get this game. Not everything is the same though, as with any game made by a different company, some things have changed, but they kept most everything the way we remember it.

    Not to mention it was made 4 years after T2.
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    I bought the game this morning. It's a hella lotta fun, altho it brings my PC to its knees sometimes (Athlon 64 2800+, 1 gig RAM, GeForce FX5900 XT)... but I guess that's understandable since it's based off the same engine of Deus Ex 2.

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