Things 2 versus Omnifocus applications


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Mar 10, 2011
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a bit of advice here.

I'm currently using a GTD app, 2Do, on both my iPhone and my iPad. It's a great app, and I really enjoyed the price (one $7.99 payment to use on both iPhone and iPad). I enjoyed it so much that I even purchased it on Android when I swapped to an HTC One X for a while.

However, 2Do doesn't have a desktop application, and even though it syncs via iCloud, it doesn't play well with the Reminders application.

I'd really like to be able to add things to my GTD application on my computer, and am looking into both Omnifocus and Things 2 (both which have desktop applications).

Their pricing is a far cry from 2Do (Things 2's desktop application alone is $50.00), so I'm looking for any feedback that any of you might be able to offer.

Have any of you used 2Do, as well as Things 2 or Omnifocus? Or any combination of the three? Any comparison/contrast between the two?

Thanks for your time in advance, and I appreciate any thoughts.


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Jan 24, 2008
You might also want to consider Appigo Todo. It's a lot cheaper than the two options you presented and can be used with GTD. They have iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps. Sync through iCloud or their own service.


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Oct 25, 2008
I purchased Things many years ago for the desktop and Touch. I don't think they were that much though. Then I got an iPad and it's yet another ??? to install on that. I just upgraded the iPhone to Things 2 and have yet to upgrade the rest and try the new cloud sync. It did sync before but it was more of a manual process.

That said, I haven't tried the other apps mentioned. I really love Things and the way it works, especially after I discovered I naturally work in the GTD method.


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Aug 7, 2008

To answer the OP, I have each, on all platforms. Listening to the perpetual claims of "best app" from users, I first purchased OmniFocus, about a year or so ago. The good news: at the time, the best (read: only) 3-platform no-fuss sync in town. The bad: I grew to genuinely loathe the UI, which is jarringly different in critical respects as you move back & forth among the platforms. Also a pain in the skleeboop on each platform. Yes, I bought/read a book, and studied some video tutorials. Finally dawned on me that an app should not be such a hassle to use day in and day out that full blown tutorials are a necessity. So, I tried Appigo's ToDo. Somehow, about 3 months in, its DropBox sync managed to futz my tasks. Fortunately, I had a Hazel-induced backup so I was able to quickly regroup, but it scared me. I was also less than pleased with its tap-happy UI. Begrudgingly, I returned to OmniFocus. I refused to go near Things until a worthy cloud sync mechanism materialized. I also grew fond of 2Do, but like you, the lack of a desktop version proved a fatal flaw (I had a paid subscription to ToodleDo, but wasn't impressed enough to maintain it.)

Flash forward: my reaction to Things 2? Ooo baby, where ya been all my life?!! My initial plan was to use it strictly for work, but it's so dang easy to segregate/filter items from view, yet also see everything in a logical manner when desired, that it's now my exclusive task app. It takes me back to good ole Palm Agendus days in some respects -- example, I use Emoji as icons for tags, in lieu of wordy descriptions. Works a treat. Took a week or so to solidify my scheme (areas vs categories vs projects), but smooth sailing thereafter. Most critically, after using it for a few days, the better scheme became naturally apparent -- best praise I can bestow on any app.

To my mind, Things has the inherent power of OmniFocus, withOUT the headache-triggering complexity. It's KISS, yet it handles stuff in a profoundly intelligent and intuitive manner, for maximum user-friendliness. There is a desktop trial available from the site. Trust me -- I didn't want to drop $50, especially since the desktop OS is $20, but it has turned into one of my wisest purchases. From exercise & pill reminders, to birthdays, flexible repeating schemes including "from completion", critical hard landscape work items, reliable push notifications, and input ease for quick brain dumps, personal experience = Things 2 is tops. These days, I actually look forward to the weekly review, and am faithful to daily reviews as well. Me wuvs Things! (especially combined with Drafts on iPad -- shoots data to Things.)

One downer: no by-time reminders. Global setting only, like, whichever hour, for all tasks. But everything else is so good, I can live with it.