Thinking about Apple's Rosetta in light of Transmeta

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 11, 2005.

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    lol, you have to read transmeta's annual reports. They are sooo pessimistic. Like, everywhere in the report they say things like "we may never make a profit" and "in fact, we may operate at a significant loss," never once saying something positive about itself.

    Comparing transitive's rosetta with transmeta isn't really fair; they both use completely different technologies. And by the way, Mr. Author, lets have some optimism here dude, 3.6GHz is alot of muscle to throw around.
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    May 2, 2002
    All educated guesswork, but interesting to discuss all the same.

    I'll add one more reason not to worry as much about Rosetta's speeds: next year's computers will be faster to begin with than today's.

    Also, not every app is terribly speed-sensitive, especially when the UI is being drawn natively anyway. Some apps will run at half speed but you'd never know it anyway.
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    That's probably because of the Pentium M. Transmeta's biggest claim to fame was its power sipping CPU. With the M around transmeta's chips still hold the crown for most power conservative CPU but the performance to watt ratio on the M is drasticly better. Try playing around with a transmeta powered system sometime. Its maddeningly slow. Sure once the app is running it runs OK but start-up it feels like a G4.

    Transmeta aside the article is a good one and I loved the point about dual cores. That could make a serious boost in performance for Rosetta from what we are seeing on the current developer boxes. Every time I think about a dual core PowerBook I get a tingly sensation. Mmmmmm.
    God I haven't been this excited about computer hardware since I got to play with a beta Tablet PC. (The bennifits of being 3 floors below a MS office and going to lunch at the same time a bunch of the reps there were.)

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