Thinking of buying a TOMTOM Car Kit? Be careful!

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by CavemanUK, Oct 16, 2009.

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    So i went to the Trafford Centre Apple Store today to pickup a copy of Snow Leopard. While there I noticed they had the TOMTOM kits in so I asked one of the guys if I bought that, would I need to purchase anything else (eg. the software). "NOPE!" i was told very confidently. "You can download the software for free." great i thought. so I paid the £99 and went on my way.

    When I got to my car and unboxed it, I noted a piece of paper inside the box that states you only get a "cut-down" free version that does not allow you to Navigate. If you want Navigation, you have to pay another £60+! on top of that, the free app wasnt even available but it said that it would allow you to see where you were and the status of the GPS signal. Correct me if i'm wrong but thats what the built-in google maps app does!

    So basically you are paying £99 for an InCar holder/speaker system. When you add the cost of the software, its starting to get very dear considering you dont get the hardware you would with a real TOMTOM.

    I went straight back and they were very appologetic but I did get the sense they were already aware of this. I will admit I could be wrong about that though.
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    Your title should read "Thinking of shopping at the Trafford Centre Apple Store? Be careful!"

    That seems to be the actual problem in your story.
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    Where have you been? In a cave? sorry I couldn't help that. I though it was widely know that the car kit didn't include the TomTom software, doesn't the box say that too?
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    Nov 18, 2006
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    Oct 13, 2009
    I really am baffled as to why they think they can sell this setup at a cost that exceeds the price of a stand-alone tom-tom device.
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    i didnt know for sure. i had a suspicion and thats why i asked. it seems apple store staff dont know either.
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    No sh*t Sherlock

    there's been like 20 threads about this, how about you search next time

    It's an expensive dock ( probably too expensive for most) but It's the only in car holder/speaker GPS chip holder available at the moment , and it does exactly what it's being marketed to do

    I expect prices to drop, once a competitor enters the field

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