Thinking of cutting fios tv. It’s way too much money..

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    hey guys,

    I have fios TV for a while. But it’s been jumping up to 600 and 700 dollars on me.. As much as i call and complain they have refused to reduce the bill.. I’m thinking of paying my balance and just ditching them like i did with direct tv. I just need an option where i can watch live sports. I’m a big football and basketball fan.. and was wondering what my best options are for watching tv on Apple TV.. HBO & Starz are also big channels for me as well..
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    HBO has a stand alone subscriptop
    HBO and Starz are both available as channels to add to amazon prime

    not a sports fan, but it might make a difference if it's pro or college ball, might mention which or both so sports people can steer you the right way.
    for NFL -
    for NBA -

    Sling looks like it might have options that can fill your sports needs

    what are you doing for 600 a month?
    I've got gigabit fios (phone, tv and internet), with HBO and showtime, and it's only $150 a month.
    I use a cable card (with an HDhomerun tuner, and the channels app on aTV) instead of cable boxes, so only paying $10/mo to Verizon for that, and $8/mo for the channels DVR upgrade.
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    Some live streaming TV services to check out: Playstation Vue, Directv Now, YouTube TV, Hulu w/ Live TV. Either one of those services will cover you during football and basketball season. You'll need some type of hardware to stream on your TV though (ie. Apple TV, Roku, etc.). HBO and Starz should be available as add on channels for whatever service you choose to go with.

    Alternatively as @waw74 mentioned, both HBO and Starz are available as channels for both Amazon Prime and Apple as well.
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    Sling seems to make sports people really happy.


    Is this a year or a month?
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    I posted this in a few other threads, it might be helpful when shopping around for a new TV service:

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    Also, here is a link to a thread I made:

    How Much Do You Pay For Cable/Internet?

    It includes tips and tricks on how to save money on your ISP bill.

    While it is over a year old and some of the info in the first post is now outdated, some stuff was updated over time throughout the thread.
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    shave the bill instead. return the boxes and router, buy your own fios router and get a fios cablecard. Either buy tivo bolt or HDhomerun Prime to use with the CableCard. That along will shave a lot off your monthly bill.

    for the amount just look at the monthly charges for set top boxes, router and DVR service added to your bill.
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    Fios not what its made out to be. While its fiberoptic cable delivering the signal to your house its not any better in HD Perhaps in 4K there's a noticeable difference
    As for the price your paying I never heard of anyone paying that much. Even if they took the extras.
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    Because I needed unlimited plan with my AT&T plan for business at one time. I had the direct tv package that made it unlimited and that was a nightmare as well. It was supposed to be only 32 bucks a month for a basic plan and nfl ticket. Every month the price came going up until I finally had to cancel it. I paid my bill and told them to promptly cancel it in December. Why did they send me to collections recently and said I owed them taxes for 60 bucks. I was like
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    I really need to cut the cord soon. I have the watch tv app which is part of my AT&T plan. Spotify + Hulu + Netflix + ITunes which cover my tv needs. I’m waiting to see what the Apple service looks like with live sports. Then I’m going to pick up a couple of Apple TVs and fios tv is out of here.

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