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Price Advice Thinking of selling my 2004 AirPort Express. How much should I sell it for?


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Apr 6, 2018
I have a 2004 AirPort Express that I do not need anymore, and I need some advice on how much I should sell it for. It still fully works but cannot be configured with AirPort Utility nowadays. I will include AirPort Utility 5 with it on disk.
Any advice on a good price for it would be great, thanks.

Anonymous Freak

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Dec 12, 2002
The original model isn't particularly "collectible", and it's rather iffy as a WiFi router nowadays, due to it being 802.11g-only. If you had it with all original packaging, and it's in absolutely immaculate physical condition, I'd say maybe $40-$50 to a collector. If it's just the bare unit, with some (perfectly common) light scratching on the finish, $10 is probably the most you'd be looking at due it's status as "obsolete router."
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Nov 7, 2004
The 1st gen Express won't even extend an AEB WiFi network. You may get $10 from someone who wants to network a USB printer or to hook up some powered speakers for iTunes.
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