Third-party Jaguar 10.2 incompatibilities (list)


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Jan 22, 2002
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I found this article on Think Secret, it is interesting:

"August 9, 2002 - Each and every major Mac OS X update brings fear to a number of developers. While v10.1 and the ensuing minor updates included a variety of improvements, some changes under-the-hood led to problems with a significant number of applications.

In the early part of Jaguar's development, some developers Think Secret spoke with were concerned that Mac OS X v10.2 would cause similar damage. In recent days, readers have expressed similar concern. Luckily, this hasn't been the case, by far. Jaguar hasn't introduced nearly as many issues with third-party software, and nearly all major apps work flawlessly in the final gold master of Jaguar.

That said, which one are incompatible with Jaguar? Here's a list of some issues based on the submissions of dozens of sources. It is by no means complete, and please let us know if you have further information or clarifications. We can expect that for many if not most of these, updates will be provided sooner rather than later.

The following applications and utilities have an issue, large or small, with Jaguar: Apple Remote Desktop, MacReporter, AthenaIRC, Warcraft, Cisco VPN app, FruitMenu, AOL Instant Messenger, ASM, ProcessWizard, StuffIt Menu, Theme/Duality, Transparent Dock, Drive 10.1.1, Warbirds, X-Plane, ZipIt, WindowShade X, REALBasic, mldonkey, and Logitech mouse drivers.

Other, more specific problems --

Launching a large PDF file in Acrobat for the first time does not allow you to scroll up and down until the app is launched again.

The installers for the Adobe InDesign 2.0.1 update as well as Extensis Suitcase 10.1 failed to work properly.

HP's G85 and possibly other printers may not be compatible with Jaguar when it is released, according to a tipster from last month's Macworld Expo in New York. While HP is aiming for a new release in September, company officials could not guarantee that. Printing to a Canon S9000 BubbleJet printer no longer works correctly in Jaguar -- trying to do so just results in a stuck print job.

MSN Messenger has redraw problems and issues with displaying fonts.

Palm Desktop has a variety of shared library errors.

Font Reserve 3.0.1 has an error -111 and cannot preview or show fonts in the font database.

External CD burners connected to SCSI PCI cards present some problems, according to multiple Jaguar testers.

In Norton Utilities, Disk Doctor is unable to show disks to repair.

USB Overdrive does not provide mouse acceleration.

eXodus 8.0.1, the X Window System server from PowerLAN software, has a memory error on startup. Also, the xterm X Windows terminal server that comes with XDarwin 1.1/Xfree86 4.0.2 crashes on startup because it is looking for two routines that have been moved to a different shared library in 10.2.

The startup item for Retrospect 5 -- the background RetroRun app, which is used for unattended backups -- crashes immediately on startup.

When running Timbukto Pro under Jaguar and connecting to a Mac running Os X 10.1.5, the control-C character is, oddly, sent to the other end as control-J."

And here's the Link:



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Mar 31, 2002
Maryland, USA
I don't think we can definitively say those programs have Jaguar issues until Jaguar itself is released. Gold Master or not, Apple could have a few tweeks left up their sleeves.

DVD Studio Pro is going to have a natural Jaguar issue until its installer is able to install the MPEG2 encoding plugin over Quicktime 6. That's a given. At least for those who already have Quicktime 5, they will be able to install the plugin and then upgrade to Quicktime 6.


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Dec 3, 2001
Strange how some of them are related to themes and adding OS 9 style functionality to the OS. I can't think of any reason why apple would be cause stuff like that not to work on purpose :D


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Apr 10, 2002
I think DVD Studio Pro updates will have to wait for an update to the program, same goes for FCP. IF you nstalled QT6 like I did, and can't use it with FCP or Studio Pro, you need to just uninstall 6 and put five pro back. IT came included with FCP, if you paid for the software.

I still haven't goten an answer on this, is there OS 9 funtionality? Classic emulation or boot or what?


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Apr 25, 2002
Seattle, WA
I went through three versions of the developer release (legally), and in the end I decided to do a clean install of the GM. I was having major issues with things like the dvd player and itunes. Finally I couldn't drag in any application, including the finder.

For those who did not install a beta, you might be fine with the clean install/copy user and network settings options. For anyone with a cd burner, I would personally recommend a clean install. I also took this as an opportunity to re-rip my cds. I was hoping to convert them to AAC, but since the ipod does not support AAC, I used 128 kbps with VBR and medium high quality. I am up to 3157 songs, 12.7 days, 14.37 GB. With VBR, the quality to me is indistingushable from from 160kbs. I believe that the kbps setting reflects the minimum rate, as most of the songs average around 140-150 kbps.

Oh, so things that are still broken for me after a clean install:
Anything that used kerberos (which makes sense, since apple put kerberos into the new system) The kerberos works fine, but I was using Cyrusoft Mulberry for mail, but the Kerb plug in no longer works. OpenAFS is broken, but I know the guy that is recompiling it, and it should be ready by the 24th. Corporate Time, an Enterprise Scheduling program purchased this year by Oracle, is broken.

Everything else works pretty well. The PPTP VPN stuff works well, although when I tell it to remember the shared secret (aka password). It does not work, even though when I type it in, and click the box for remember password, it will fail the next time. Also, if you are using an airport with NAT on the wireless side, and open a vpn connection, your dns will not work, unless you statically configure your dns in the network control panel for your PPTP connection. Oh, a quirk I don't like is that you need to use the internet connect wizard to set up a pptp connection. Only after you do that will it show up in the network control panel.

IPv6 works great. As IPv6 is all dhcp, there is not gui config controller. It is always on for 10.2. I have a native connection to the ipv6 backbone, I have tested the ping6 and trace6 stuff, and it works great.

Mounting ftp shares on the desktop is awesome, and all network disk access is amazingly fast. Way amazing. On a LAN, I would have trouble knowing if I was accessing a local disk or not.

In my opinion, anything that Jaguar breaks probably deserved to be broken. One thing I wish apple would have added would be GPG support (open source pgp). Oh, and another thing, the keychain supports passwords longer than 8 characters, but now that they have implemented PAM support, I want all the characters in my password to matter, not just the first 8. Give it a try. Change your password to something longer than 8 characters, then log out, and log back in and type in the first 8 characters and press enter or type in whatever crap you want after the 8th char, and you will still be let in.

Oh well... I love 10.2 though!


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA

Im in Jaguar 6C115 at the moment, and my Disk Images mount perfectly. And the ones that our .toast images will not mount in toast, so just change it to .dmg

And yes, my Logitech Mouse Drivers did not work....


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May 20, 2002
Re: Third-party Jaguar 10.2 incompatibilities (list)

Originally posted by groovebuster
I found this article on Think Secret, it is interesting:

The following applications and utilities have an issue, large or small, with Jaguar: Apple Remote Desktop, MacReporter, AthenaIRC, Warcraft, Cisco VPN app, FruitMenu, AOL Instant Messenger, ASM, ProcessWizard, StuffIt Menu, Theme/Duality, Transparent Dock, Drive 10.1.1, Warbirds, X-Plane, ZipIt, WindowShade X, REALBasic, mldonkey, and Logitech mouse drivers.

I partitioned my harddrive and have both 10.1.5 and 10.2 (build 6C115). I have found the problems with AOL instant messenger, but have had NO problems at all with Warcraft III.

I just today bought a Logitech cordless mouse. I downloaded the Logitech Control Center (so it would run under OS X). It worked perfectly in 10.1.5. So I booted it up into 10.2 to play warcraft 3. I had no problems with my Logitech well as the mouse while playing War 3...

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