Third Trump flip-flop on China

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    Well, he's done it again. During the campaign, Trump said that China was a currency manipulator, and that they were "raping our economy". Then, in April, he met with Xi Jinping, and decided that China was not a currency manipulator, and that they were instead our friends working with us on North Korea. Then, in early July, Trump switched sides again; he complained that China was not, in fact, working with us on North Korea, that they were not in fact our friends, and that he was going to start a trade war with them.

    Now it's August, and just as Trump's team had prepared an announcement for how they were going to commence punishing China by going after its trade agreements with the US, they've backed down:

    But on Thursday afternoon, senior administration aides postponed the announcement at the urging of United Nations and State Department officials, who are in the sensitive final stages of convincing China to sign on to a U.N. resolution that would impose new sanctions on North Korea. U.N. and State Department officials warned that the trade announcement could kill their chances of winning Beijing’s buy-in, according to the officials.​

    So yeah, we're now back to "China is helping us on North Korea, and their trade practices are not a problem for us." :p
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    If China gives Trump what he wants (signing off on export restrictions for nearly 1/3 of NK exports) who cares.
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    Oh, I agree! Of course this is not what Trump wants, this is what the UN wants. Trump is knuckling under to UN pressure, something I never expected to see...

    We're now more than six months into Trump's term, and he's been using his volatile deal-making process all over the place. Has he actually achieved anything with it? Anything at all?
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    Flip-flops. The perfect footwear for summer vacation. Of course his closet is filled with them.
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    Trump is a weak bully who has gotten this far by people giving up without putting up a fight. As soon as he encounters any pushback he capitulates, and the rest of the world is figuring out how to use that to their advantage.
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    I'm still waiting to see evidence of Trump's so-called spectacular dealmaking skills used. Seems like an oversold nothing burger to me so far.

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