This Day in Apple History, January 26, 1997: Is Be NeXT?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Link: This Day in Apple History, January 26, 1997: Is Be NeXT?
    Description:: Jean-Louis Gassee is a savvy heady businessman. Foreseeing the problems that would develop with Apple’s next generation operating system, codenamed Copland, he resigned from Apple and started his own company: Be Inc....

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    Makes you wonder....

    All those great "what ifs..." in history.

    What if... Be had settled for 125 million.
    Would Steve never have returned? No iMac? No Mac OS X? No iPod? Would Apple have died as a consequence?
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    Or would it have gone on strongly with different system software?

    I could easily imagine a hypothetical "OS B" with native apps being UNIX, Carbon and Be APIs, along with the same Classic environment.

    I don't know enough about BeOS to be able to make an intelligent comment about whether the result would be better or worse, but a friend who owned and programmed a BeBox for many years was rather fond of it.

    I think ultimately, the success of the modern Apple has a lot more to do with the application development and UI than with the OS underneath it all. Of course, without Jobs at the helm, it's anybody's guess if those parts would have ended up being developed. (Is anyone here familiar with Gasee's management style and vision? Probably not the same as Jobs, but possibly with equal potential to revitalize the then-floundering Apple, if given a chance.)

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