This is the school where a small town guy co-invented what would become DOS

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    Largely credited by some to both a man at the Naval Postgraduate School (see video below which oddly seems to be the embodiment of the "Windows" guy from the Apple commercials and Microsoft's dryness) and another man in Seattle running his own micro-computer business (see wiki link), a very early precursor to DOS was first partially developed at the school, starting just a few years after this video was made, at the navy school's department of engineering. Wow, how time flies.

    I thought you would enjoy this and the modern equipment and who would have really thought that two college dropout hippies around the time of one of the many unsuccessful "DOS" development phases in Northern California would go on and make products/concepts in a garage far superior to the resources of the US Navy and a computer company up in Redmond, WA? :)

    I belonged to a PC users club and when I taught a MS Windows networking class, a few students there wondered why I was one of those Macintosh/Apple freaks. Well, this brings the brilliance and vision of the early genius of Woz and Jobs to light and it irks me when a computer newbie tells me that Bill Gates invented the computer and the operating system. All I can say is that Bill is the one who most ca$hed in.
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    Kind of OT, but I still find it ironic that at the time Windows was moving away from DOS toward a graphic user interface (that the Mac had for years), OS X introduced a command prompt via Unix.

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