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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by th3xf4ctor, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Apr 5, 2010
    Just got off the phone with Apple as my phone arrived with silver blotches around the dock connector, headphone jack and on 3 of the 4 antenna line.

    Didn't mention anything other than what can you do for me and the answer at first was please hold....held for 10 minutes with no answer hung up and called back. Told them I was on the phone for 10 minutes left holding and that didn't give two s***s. Finally I was transferred to another representative who told me to to hold while she talks to her senior advisor. 20 minutes later I get told that because current iPhone's are delayed 3-4 weeks I would have to wait that long.

    I'm confused how people who have similar problems are getting replacements overnight and I have to wait 3-4 weeks to even be considered. Just to be considered is really the big kicker here. I felt like I was being told "well you paid that much and you got something so why are you are you complaining". Yada Yada Yada..When I pay for something this expensive I expect it to be flawless.

    In all, just don't understand how people who called and talked to representatives are getting phones sent overnight to them. A little disappointed and ticked off. Oh and not to mention how rude they were on the phone.
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    New York

    Why not walk in to your nearest apple store and replace it that way?
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    Apr 5, 2010
    Fair question. I'm a ways away from the nearest apple store and along with the fact that my schedule is pretty jammed every single day including most weekends, especially the next two weekends, was the reason i called. As much as I would be fine driving a little over two hours to go get my phone replaced, with the way my schedule is, it really doesn't allow for that long of a drive.
  4. Radiating, Sep 24, 2012
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    When they put you on hold they're trying to solve your problem not ignore you. Then you hang up on them? WTF

    Certain models (color capacity) are in stock and certain models are delayed. The people getting them overnight have them in stock. When apple thought I asked them to replace a white 64GB and they said they would overnight it, but when I asked for a black 64GB they said I would have to wait just like you.

    No other company in the world can sell 1 billion dollars of devices in 4 days. No other company overnights warranty claim items. If you were dealing with anyone else, you'd be waiting 8-12 weeks to get your phone in the first place and another 8-12 weeks for them to get the warranty replacement, and another week for it to arrive in the mail.

    You can just get your item replaced at a local apple store if they have stock they will exchange it on the spot.
  5. th3xf4ctor, Sep 24, 2012
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    You obviously didn't read this correctly or you would realize I'm not nasty. I didn't ask for a single thing other than what they could do about this. The only thing I was questioning was simply why are others getting theres overnight. Furthermore, when your waiting for over 10 minutes with no music and you hear nothing, I think any normal being would hang up and call back. The second time I called back I waited for 20 minutes but the woman helping me kept checking in with every couple of minutes.Thirdly, your statistic on everyone else warranty claims is interesting and I would love to see some data showing this. Also regarding this, I never asked for it to be overnighted to me, I don't need it overnight but simply waiting 3-4 weeks and the fact that I have to be considered is really the point I'm trying to show here. And calling me dense ha is very funny.
  6. Gen, Sep 24, 2012
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    You're on hold while someone is trying to solve your issue - and since it's not instantaneous you hang up. Then, you call back and tell them you where on hold for to long. :rolleyes:

    And, you called expecting someone to jump through hoops to serve you... then, you should not wait for more to be in stock to get one because... it's... you
    ?? :confused:

    (tip: all the people that got great customer service where in fact great customers)
    (grow up. return the phone if you don't want it. otherwise, wait until more come back to get yours replaced since it's so badly damaged.)
  7. th3xf4ctor, Sep 24, 2012
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    Apr 5, 2010
    Really? Wow, I guess waiting on the phone for 10 minutes is considered instantaneous. Also for your information, usually when your on the phone with apple and they put you on hold, music plays in the background, after 10 minute of being on hold and hearing no music I hung up and called again and heres the kicker, I waited my turn to talk to a representative, no way he did that. Oh my god. Furthermore, your implieing I'm a horrible customer off of this, I love apple regardless of this issue. I'm expressing my thoughts out loud on a single topic and the fact of the matter is everyone is pointing to something that I wasn't even complaining about.

    I was questioning. Learn to read and maybe you would see this.
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    May 21, 2010
    Your headline would be more effective if it ended in a question mark and not an exclamation point. I expected to read about excellent customer service.
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    Hmm, I read it as angry... and assumed it would be about AT&T lol

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