This is why I don't worship any one political party

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by 63dot, Nov 7, 2014.

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    totally cool
    Sure all those things from the video are true but I think the US has an aura of hope and opportunity that other places don't. China is is becoming a very close second in that regard however.

    Also I didn't get a big "political party" vibe from the video. I think its more about realigning american's perceptions from the inside out.
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    The Newsroom is an odd show. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's full of Sorkin self-righteousness and predictable writing. Definitely better than most junk on TV. Season 3 premieres Sunday - maybe you should check out the first two.

    I definitely hate people that vote straight party votes. Might as well just not even bother. I never vote straight party. In Michigan this week, I voted (R) on Governor, (D) on most other things, one (R) justice and the incumbent ("R") Secretary of State who has done some really good things.
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    Kudos to you. You are one of few in this country. Mixing it up is always best.
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    When I was a young voter, I never used to vote straight party, but, I mostly do now. I always vote for the better candidate. For some reason, the better candidate is never a Republican any more. Once in a while, if I get a chance, I vote for a Green candidate, if I know the Republican will lose regardless.

    If and when the Republican Party becomes the Party of Lincoln again, I will change. I don't see that happening in my lifetime.

    I've never been someone who views the political party that I vote for as my religion. Unfortunately, too many people do.
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    If you're mixing legislators then (IMO) you're politically confused and defeating yourself. Even if you're sprinkling in an occasional State Treasurer you need to be careful crossing party lines because these offices do more than manage money and write checks.

    Look at the duties of California's State Controller.

    As a die-hard liberal, if these people are influencing policy, then I want someone who advocates for progressive values in those positions.

    On an individual level "mixing it" likely means you don't have a coherent sense of your own political inclinations or you just don't understand the intricacies of the office.
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    That's a very wide and ignorant brush you're using to paint your argument.

    In Michigan, the Democrat challenger for Governor was a nobody one term state legislator. No one outside of his home county knew who he was. His whole campaign was attacking the incumbent Republican just to gain name recognition. Once he gained name recognition, his campaign never shifted to issues. I never learned his stances on issues or ideas he had. His whole shtick was "Snyder is bad, I'll undo everything he did!" That was it. For months.

    Same goes for Secretary of State. The incumbent "Republican" (why are there parties for SOS?) streamlined online transactions and seemed to increase efficiency at SOS branches. The 'Democrat' challenger was somehow going to magically cut fees (aka the main budget revenue stream for the department, which had already seen recent budget cuts) while offering more services and somehow build new "SOS super centers" to replace local branches. Really not sure how one could do that without raising fees and in a suburban sprawl state like ours without ample public transit, there is a need for local branches. There's not an overabundance of branches anyway.

    I get 'looking out for your party.' I did that somewhat - the AG was a complete toss up. I dislike the Republican because of his views on ACA and same sex marriage. Even though he has great policies and wants to tackle issues no one typically talks about - sex trafficking, for instance - I went with the Democrat who wouldn't challenge the ACA or stand in the way of marriage equality. Besides those two issues, the Republican was probably the better choice, but those were deal breakers for me.
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    For you to pretend that because someone has an R or a D in front of their name, that means that they agree with your stances on every level, makes me confused?

    Umm, thank you providing even more evidence to support my argument that parties should be scrapped all together.

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    Nice post. Straight up party loyalist are one of the reasons the country is in the crapper
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    At the risk of offending (not my true intention) I will take it one further.

    With the clear and demonstrable landscape of today's politics, anyone that does not have seven digit figures on their income tax and votes for anyone identified with the Republican brand is voting against their own financial interests, the interests of our civilization, and the greater good of our country.

    The problem in our country is money and media (same thing) in our political apparatus.

    The Democratic Party, on a bad day, leaves us not much better than Republicans on (what for them would be an altruistic day) one of their better days.
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    Excuse me, but the argument I was refuting used the widest of brushes ...

    My point is that it's not always the best solution and I showed an example of why that strategy can be self-defeating to one's own political goals. How you believe that to be "ignorant" requires some explanation.

    Feel free to enlighten me.

    My advice is to stop using rhetorical absolutes. They serve no purpose in a reasonable discussion.

    I don't agree with anyone on every level. Why you assume I do so with politicians, who are well known for triangulating their stances is a head-scratcher.

    I vote pragmatically. I vote for the candidate who most closely matches my values and political position and possesses the best chance of winning. This is what our winner-take-all system rewards. While I'd much prefer proportional representation, which would allow me to vote for the candidate that I agree with the most, that option s not available to me.

    The Democratic Party still differs enough on some key issues, that it's important enough for me to support them. If you need for me to list what these issues are, I'd be happy to do so. But I think you probably know what they are.
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    If people on the left see the 2 party system as bad for the country and people on the right see the 2 party system as bad for the country, how do we work together to replace it?

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