this nfl season the last chance for the raiders

Discussion in 'Community' started by jefhatfield, Dec 15, 2002.

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    Jul 9, 2000
    quarterback rich gannon will be 37 in a few days and wide receiver jerry rice is already 40

    the only quarterback of late who has done really well...winning back to back that age was the great john elway

    but rich gannon, while putting up the best numbers in his long career, is still not a player in the same league of a john elway

    jerry rice, while the greatest wide receiver in the history of the game, is long past his best years

    time brown, the other high profile receiver, is not exactly young either well into his 30s

    without rice, gannon, and brown, the raiders will be put back onto a long rebuilding period which can last a decade or more...unless they get extremely lucky unlike any other team has except for the 49ers who had three great qb's in a row with montana, young, and garcia

    the only thing that writes of the raiders this season is the self destruct mode they got into for a month and losing 4 games

    in the bay area, another sports team in another sport, the san francisco giants, pretty much blew their last good they have lost their coach and some players are not going to come back who helped the giants have their great season
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    Has anyone else got their NFL Calendars from Apple for iCal... they're great and there is one for every team, as well as the top 25 College Teams... see if your team is there :)

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    Raiders lost. Atlanta lost. Saints lost.
    Philly won. Bucs won.

    Vikings won on a gutsy two point conversion. :D

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