This One is Big

MasterX (OSiX)

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Sep 3, 2001
This has Full-Product-Lineup-Update Written ALL over it.
LCD iMacs (I'm thinking 800/900 or even 1Ghz, Apple wants attention)
Ghz G4 (either up to 1Ghz or 1Ghz+)

And less likely:
667/733 TiBooks (which would explain the random Combo-Drive announcement)
650 or 700Mhz iBooks (gotta keep up with the Celeron P3s)

Even less likely:
iPod Remote, or iPod colors

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
Big Update

This is what I think we will see:

iMovie 3
DVD Studio Pro - Possible Update
New iMac at Max. 1ghz
New G5 taking pre-orders for April
New G4 at Max. 1.2ghz
iBoom updated to 700 or 800mhz
TiBook updated to 667, 733 and 800mhz (No Dual)

ihaveanewdevice - There will be something here - if they are saying it might be something we don't expect it may be going against one of there earlier prs. Possibly a PDA or something similar. Cos they wont bring out a Camera, DV Camera, DVD Player, so what will they release?

Possibly a OS10.2 preview!

My 2¢!



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Jul 17, 2001
My wish list

I am hoping for:

Quad-processor G5 1GHZ Server with redundant power supplies, DDR Ram, 4-6 Hot Swap IDE Drive Bays, or Native fireware drives, with 6 Slots and a cool LCD display on the front. Running OSX Server of course.

I'd pay at least $5,800 for this.

Other dreams:

iMacs (way new cool designs, I expect mostly a white design):
-Flat screen 15" or Standard 17" CRT
-933Mhz G3s, possiblly a G4 Model
-One model may have a SuperDrive.
-20-60GB Drives
-56k Modem
-100B ethernet
-Airport exandable

New G5's:
-1.2 to 1.4Ghz g4 Processors
-Superdrives throughout
-Way cool new enclosure
(think like a better designed cube)
-gigawire & firewire
-usb 2?
-up to 100GB drives
-Possibly a new kick ass graphics card

Updated iBooks
(no new enclosure, but definitely faster)
Possibly a slightly larger screen

TI Books:
Faster processors, superdrive in one, gigawire?



Larger display on TiBook?

To really compete with the winbooks, it seems that the tibook's display is too small. 1152x768 just doesn't compare with 1400x1050 or 1600x1200.


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Oct 21, 2001

I think new iMac's. I have to say, I don't think G5's, but I hope I am wrong.
Speed bumps in iBook's and Powerbooks to keep up with the Winbooks. Maybe a larger screen in iBook, but no changes to Powerbook. I think new digital device: not sure what it will be, but I think some sort of camera with iPhoto. Also Apollo G4's, hopefully up to 1.4Ghz. Not sure about G5's, but if they do come out, I would like to see 1.6Ghz.
On the server side: we need some "real" servers. Let's all cross our fingers.


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Jul 24, 2001
In the shadow of the Space Needle.
If Steve is going to CES in Vegas to keynote that the next day, then there must be something very consumer oriented in the works. Bill Gates keynoted CES last year with the Xbox, and a grand vision for how MS was going to do everything from wake you up, make your coffee, and take out the trash for you...thank God that hasn't happened.
I'm really curious to see what Steve has for us this time.
My guess is a consumer item that everyone will immediately want and hopefully will be able to afford. The other guess is that OSX or a version of it has been ported for the PC to really give MS a run for it's money.
Where's my DP G5?


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Dec 31, 2001
There were rumors and news that Asian manufacturers were ordering vast amounts of LCD screens for what may be an LCD iMac. (Great idea a year or two ago.)

With iBook sales taking a large bite out of iMac sales, I sure hope Apple isn't about to introduce what is effectively a NON-PORTABLE IBOOK.

That would seem like a waste of LCD screens unless it significantly outperforms the iBook, perhaps in price.

Deck the halls with $500 iMacs?



Woo hoo!!

There's been no speculation about this, which would make an announcement even bigger, but how about an Apple PDA?!!?

Realistically, it seems the flat panle iMac is a lock. And with all the G5 processor rumblings lately, might we see some sort of G5 announcement?!!?

At any rate, it's shaping up to be an exciting start to the new year. Tune in Monday, January 7th. C'mon Steve...


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Dec 12, 2001
South of Boston, MA
Here is my serious guess for what's coming. It's based on nothing, except my gut feeling.

1. A new iMac, with a blazing fast G4 processor and a LCD panel. Not everyone wants a laptop.

2. No G5's (yet they're coming this summer), but Apple will sell only dual processor G4's (all models faster than the iMac G4's). This wouldn't be the first time that Apple used the same chips in the their consumer computers and their highend machines (I think I'm right on that fact, however I know that if I'm wrong someone will tell me).

3. iTunes for the PC and iPods for the PC also don't be surprised to see OS X for Intel.

4. As far as prices go, don't expect to see price drops. This would be a huge mistake for Apple to through itself into the PC pricing war. People buy Apple products regardless of the price which is the good thing (for my Apple Stock).

Moby 1

G3 vs. G4 vs. G5

I remember reading somewhere about 12-18 months ago that Apple wants to develop a product line using all three processors; G3, G4 and G5.

I see no reason why this wouldn't work. The G3 still has legs for consumer Macs and the G5 is around the corner.

Personally, I'm hoping for a digital camera. This is one area that is still seeing growing sales and if it had Firewire and ability to use the iPod for storage, I'd order it right away!

Moby 1


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Aug 14, 2001
Complete Overhaul

G4 iMacs
G5 Power Macs
Speed bumps for the iBook & TiBook

They need to touch the 1 Gig barrier with the iMac and breach it with the Power Mac to stay competitive.


NewtonOS 3.0 ?

Gosh golly, I hope they release Newton OS 3.0!!


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Nov 6, 2001
You know...

The Newton OS 2.0 was codenamed after my first name (Dante)!!!

Anyway... I hope to see a revised LCD iMac, a revised 1ghz G3 iBook & a Powermac G5 with DDR-RAM and quad processor options!


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Dec 31, 2001
G5 - ghz tibook

1 ghz TiBook - definite.
1 ghz - imac - definite.
G5 at 1.2-1.4 ghz for powermacs - for sure.
iPod - something very cool - glad I didnt buy rev. A!
iBook - 800 mhz - maybe.
flat panel
Server - redundant power supplies, G5, new design (it would have to be with two power supplies) - I hope!


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Dec 31, 2001
Newton? QuickTake?

You know, now that Apple is back in the ultra-cool peripherals business with the iPod, an Apple just may get back into consumer digicams (QuickTake) and PDA's (Newton) now that the technologies have caught up to their original visions. Maybe the next iPod, QuickTake and Newton will all be one device! iSlab? iBrick? iPad? iStudioToGo???

Hmm. OS X for Intel. I don't recall WINE being far enough along to provide reliable Win32 emmulation but I do know I will take VirtualPC and Windows 2000 over Windows XP any day, on any hardware.

Apple x86 hardware. That's the real challenge. PC vendors have all but cased innovating and the only competition would be Sony's Vaio.

All that said, my only hope from Macworld Expo is a MacOS X Package Manager. Sad but true.




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Jul 4, 2001
1 Block away from NYC.
LCD imac-
600-900 MHZ imac
CDRW in all
800 & 900 model's have Combo drive
USB 2.0

Upgraded ibook-
600-700 MHZ
not much

Newer Tibooks-
667-867 MHZ
USB 2.0 maybe...

800-1000 MHZ
867 MHZ dual
USB 2.0

Don't expect g5's till MWNY
I am probaby wrong about most things.... But some is right.


PowerBook Res

>Lathi To really compete with the winbooks, it seems that the tibook's display is too small. 1152x768 just doesn't compare with 1400x1050 or 1600x1200.

Don't get me wrong, I love desktop space, in fact I have a second monitor hooked up to my TiBook for Photoshop and Web Design. But my TiBook is hard enough to read as it is. Reading signifigant amounts of text is eye-straining, and I am only 16. My mom can barely read anything on the screen. The new iBook is wonderful but it's screen is impossible. But my old iBook 300 really needed more desktop space. It is a balancing act between dpi and resolution. And don't tell me you can just switch the screen res. LCDs have an optimal resolution and all others look crummy if not crappy.

Apple would have to increase screen size also, greatly increasing cost. But imagine being able to say: "PowerBook G4: The Largest Screen of any Laptop. The Thinnest Full-Featured Laptop."


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Sep 18, 2001
G5's for everyone!

I can't see Apple saying.. "the biggest one yet." and NOT announce a new processor (8500) that truly is.. the best processor of any around. It's just would be a true dissappointment.

There's no better way to ship a new LCD iMac than by putting in superdrives and G4's! (not just zeal)

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Nov 6, 2001
Danny ZR2 is on to something...

Danny ZR2 is probabely right. If they actually launch a G5 processor it will revolutionize the Mac world. At least ignorant consumers will see the megahertz gap start to close between PowerPC's and Pentiums...

Another thing... wouldn't a G5 at 1.6 ghz outperform a Athon???


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May 5, 2001
g5 hopeful

Apple hardware has been sort of stale recently (not including portables). If what the apple site says is true, the only possible reason for it being such a big show would be an entire re vamp of the macintosh line up and the release of the G5. I personally want to see dual g5's in mwsf and im pretty sure we will be seeing an lcd iMac.


One chip for all Macintosh!

As a developer I can say that the biggest mistake Apple made was keeping the G3 chip design around as long as they have. Why should I as a developer devote another 100 man hours to utilize Altivec if it's only found in maybe 30% of all macs?

This kind of reminds me of an article I read in MacAddict about the new Dual 800 mhz machine not being worth it because it didn't perform well enough with today's current software to justify the extra $1000.00 price tag... Software is written for the masses first then the niche later... Apple shocked the world by coming out with a dual 500 mhz machine then canned it a few months later.. Not really worth developing for is it?

If Apple wants more apps.. Then we need consistent hardware!

Kevin Leidecker


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Nov 6, 2001

Look... the dual processors were built for Mac OS 10. In Mac OS 10 "the future" of the Mac platform the OS uses symetric processing. This means dual processors don't need a dual processed app to have the second processor run!!! Mac OS 10 automatically balances all it's tasks on both processors!


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Nov 6, 2001

what I said in my previous post is that no software has to be coded anymore to use dual processors (unless it's something that intensive like Maya)...