Those who have iPad 3 and buy the Mini; will you upgrade both next year?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by VFC, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. VFC, Oct 15, 2012
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    If you have the iPad 3 and purchase the iPad Mini, will you be upgrading to the iPad 4 AND iPad Mini 2 next year?

    In my case, I have the iPad 3, and since I purchased the Nexus 7, I believe I am done with the iPad 3 form factor.
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    No not both - probably just rotate them. Not sure what Apple will put into an iPad 4 to make it a must have over the 3 (though with their new chip design, the speed might be a huge factor), but I figure the iPad mini will be the first to get upgraded.

    My Nexus 7 was an experiment. There isn't anything about it that I prefer (except the screen size at times). I don't own a personal laptop so my iPad 3 fills that role. I'll be looking to an iPad mini for reading, browsing and game playing.

    I currently have an LTE iPad 3 - most likely will sell that and get an LTE mini and wifi only 4
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    I'll probably upgrade both because I'm neurotic, however, I love taking my Nexus places with me, where my iPad3 tends to stay home because of the size. I do a lot of dinner presentations for work on my iPad which is insanely convenient but not sure if the Nexus would work just as well. So I guess it will just depend on how functional the iPad mini is. To me, having LTE, Imessage, access to all my apps, and fit in my jacket pocket.....I think iPad mini will be the winner.
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    Anyone that says both clearly has too much disposable income and should really just give it all to me.
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    As far as upgrading to the "mini 2", its unlikely. I've passed down each generation to my wife & little ones and they could care less about having the latest and greatest (that's daddy's job!).

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