Thoughts on a couple of accessories for a new MBA...

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hakr100, Jun 17, 2013.

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    I'm going to order a new 13" MBA in a week or so.

    Based upon my usage patterns and my desire not to clutter up the solid state storage memory in the new machine, I'm wondering about the efficacy of buying an SDXC storage card to keep in the machine and use as a place to stash movies I might want to watch and also my iTunes library. I'm thinking I might want to keep a few dozen movies on hand for cheap entertainment when I travel, and I also have about 20GB of music. So I am thinking a 32GB SDXC card will work. Now, I've never used such a card to stash movies, and I am assuming the access is fast enough to sustain decent playing of full length videos. Am I correct?

    Second, are any cell providers making available a "dongle" or similar device that might offer reasonably high speeds at reasonable prices for wireless, out of range of wifi, internet access? I checked Verizon and all I saw was the same old low-speed device it has offered for years.

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    Yes, you can watch movies from an SD card, no problem. It sounds like you didn't look at the Verizon JetPacks. They're mobile Wi-Fi hotspots capable of LTE. I think they cost an extra $10 or $20 per month to add to your data pool. Very much worth it if you travel a lot. Get the newest one (MHS291L) as the older ones had some battery/heat/connectivity issues. Get one off E-bay & you don't have to lock into a contract.

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