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iPhone 11 Pro Thoughts on going from iPhone 11 Pro Max back to iPhone 7+


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Sep 20, 2014
I sold my 11 pro Max in preparation for the new 6.7” iPhone 12 pro. I dusted off the old 7+ to use as my daily driver about 10 days ago, and here are a few of my observations.

-I like the wider screen on the 7+. I enjoy reading my emails and safari on the slightly wider canvas.
-Touch ID is nice, but only for unlocking the phone. It’s nice to pick up the device and see all my notifications without worry of Face ID unlocking it while accidentally touching one of the notifications. I do like Face ID for logging into apps though.
- I don’t notice the big bezels. After purchasing the iPhone X, I was one of the people who said I would never go back to a phone with big bezels, I have changed my mind on that.
-Oled is not a big deal to me anymore. Again, I thought once I had Oled I’d never go back. The screen on the 7+ is amazing.

What I miss about my 11 pro Max are the obvious things like it‘s speed, excellent battery life, superb night camera, and better speakers.
After using the old 7+ for a while and seeing how capable the device is today, it will definitely make me rethink upgrading every year. Sure I like to have the new device, however after comparing today’s phone with a four year old phone, the differences aren’t that much.
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Mar 9, 2012
Agree. They don’t make iPhone like that anymore.

And you can use the phone in landscape mode, with sometime is handy.
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Apr 24, 2016
Your story will fit in many categories of devices where the technology has reached a plateau- differences year to year are rather small hence why the majority of users are keeping their devices around for much longer than that.

Thanks for sharing!
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Jul 11, 2019
San Antonio, TX
Well said. Got rid of my 11 pro max, 11 pro and 6s. Currently I’ve been using a 2020 se since 07/27/2020 and I’m enjoying it so far.
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