thousands of duplicated favorites in icloud

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    Sep 6, 2012
    Some how my favorites have managed to duplicate themselves thousands and thousands of times. I just recently noticed this when I tried looking at my favorites in IE11 and it kept crashing.

    Heres what I did...I cleaned out my favorites in IE and i figured id be good. Then the next day they all came back. I realized then it was because i have icloud installed on Windows PC and they are obviously in the cloud. So i stopped the sync from the iCloud program. Then I went to my ipad and iphone and unselected the safari icon in icloud backup and i deleted all the favorites from both the devices. Then i turned back on the sync through the program and they all started coming back again....

    can someone help me? how can i delete the favorites out of icloud? I have an html backup to pc so ill be fine re syncing that up. thanks!

    I dont have the slighest idea if this happened after the ios8 update or not...

    iPhone 5, iOS 8, verizon 16gb
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    As I don't use that feature yet, I can't help you with the problem, but I will stress you should pass the feedback onto apple

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