Three I can't live without


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Jun 7, 2005
So CNET used to have this great feature where users would post three pieces of technology that they couldn't live without and they would write a description of how they use it. This is the link to the originals:

To start us off here are mine (I realized I might be an Apple fanboy after seeing them):

What I do: Student/Business Owner

-Macbook 2.0 Core 2 Duo: This is really what my world revolves around. Through my macbook I know what's going on in the world, I schedule my week, listen to music, watch videos, talk to friends, and most importantly run my business. Without this computer I could not run my life as efficiently (which is kind of sad to realize).
-Airport Express: As a notebook user I love being able to work everywhere. At home being able to move around the house without wires holding me down is essential. Also, these past few years of college have been really helped by being able to wirelessly stream music to the stereo for parties.
-iPhone 8gb: I never thought I'd list a phone as something I can't live without because to me it's been more of a necessary burden. However the iphone really changed things around because now I don't have to carry my ipod around campus and when I'm waiting to meet with someone browsing through the internet makes time go by pretty quickly. It's not perfect but it's really helped me out.

So there, a non-surprising all Apple lineup. Hopefully within a year or so one of these will be replaced by a nice HDTV and I won't look so biased. So what is everyone else's three?


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Nov 19, 2004
Let's see.

1. iBook G4. It is literally my life. This is my computer and I rarely use another computer when I have mine around. I have everything stored on here; articles, music, pictures, documents. It basically contains my life. Like ricgnzlzcr said, basically, without my computer, I would cease to exist.

2. Motorola e815. This thing is one tough phone. It's survived more drops than drops in a roller coaster, it has great reception for where I live (surrounded by trees), call quality, and it's got decent battery life. It can play music, videos, and photos if I'd like, go on the internet and check my email. I haven't used a landline as my primary for of communication since I got my phone last year.

3. Sennheiser EH150. These things absolutely rock. Awesome amount of bass, can also turn down the bass on the computer in case I want more treble for orchestras and whatnot. Not the most portable things, but I love them none the less.


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Jun 11, 2007
the things i cannot live without.

1. my macbookpro. this thing is a beast, i take t everywhere with me. i am on it around 15hours a day even though i am only 18 and im still in school. i love it, i adore it, we are connected.

2. my fone. i have a ****** nokia 3315-like fone (cept its colour) and it sucks. the only reason i have it though is because of the keypad. the keypad is the best i have ever used, i havent turned it off since i first bought it around 6months ago and its the solidest rock that i have ever seen.

3. girlfriend. i love my girlfriend to death, she is my rock in this life. i wake and sleep thinking about her. thers nothing more to say.

( i can use my gf cant i?? or does it have to be tech based Lol?)


May 24, 2003
Obviously you're not a golfer.
what i do: visual designer, college professor and artist

1. macbook pro c2d. literally 98% of my annual income is either finished on or has a significant amount of the process done with this machine.

2a. stabilo sensor 0,3 fine black pen. gotta have a good pen.
2b. zebra g-301 gel pen. see 2a.

3. silver halide photographic film and variants therein. digital is not better for the kind of work i do. sorry.

4. Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 10-color sheetfed offset press. my most favoritest offset press. where stuff goes after #1 above is done with it.


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Jun 11, 2007
She's a femme-bot from Austin Powers
mmmmnnnnnn transformers!!!!! *drool*

no but seriously i cant help being attached to things so much... its so hard to live without them!

3. silver halide photographic film and variants therein. digital is not better for the kind of work i do. sorry.
good to see that people are still benefitting from the older, but by no means less inferior, technology of the days.


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Oct 27, 2006
1. PB G4.

First Mac I ever owned. Still the only Mac I've ever owned. Not only has it changed the way I use computers, but it has completely retarded me of all the knowledge I had using XP. :D:apple:

2. My phone, a crappy RAZR

Not because it's so great, but because, well, have you tried living without a phone for even a couple of days? It's impossible.

3. My debit card? Is that technology? If not, my iPod Shuffle (2ndG). No longer am I carrying around a huge iPod video that still only had about 1/3 of my music.


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Sep 7, 2006
Texas, unfortunately.
My iMac G3.

Belive it or not, my iMac G3 is one thing i cant live without. My mini and iBook, pshh. I have a cheap computer that can do OS X. :)

Honestly, that's it. With an interner connection and power, im set.

Wait, make internet and electricity #'s 2 and 3. :D


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Jun 16, 2004
1) PowerBook G4: My abused laptop that comes everywhere with me. My lifeline to MR.

2) iPod: 40GB, the thing has died 3 times (Sad iPod icon or Exclamation Icon)and come back to life. I need this little bugger to keep me sane and blot out the outside world.

3) Mobile phone (currently LG PRADA): To keep in contact with friends.


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May 3, 2007
In front of my MacBook Pro
Let's see here:
1) MBP 'cause I just have to use it every day... you could call it iLove
2) iPod 'cause it's nice to not have to lug the MBP around with headphones in it
3) MOHS 'cause I love it, it's light, but good.

Can I have more than three??? Please, I have more??? (But those just happen to be the top)

Scarlet Fever

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Jul 22, 2005
3. Canon S3 IS. Small, but very capable. It doesn't take the most fantastic shots ever, but it's versatility is rad.

2. MacBook. Best notebook i've used. Ever.

1. Fender Highway1 Jazz Bass. I saved up all the money for it ($1700 AU is a fair bit for a 16 year old), and I have loved it every day I've owned it. I've had it about 18 months now, and I still love it.


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Oct 13, 2004
What I do: grad student/research

My favorite toys i can't live without:

1. MBP: I take it everywhere with me. It has all my music, years worth of photos and documents, as well as all of my work related files. All backed up of course!

2. Samsung T629: It's a good phone. Not feature laden, but it works. I can't imagine how the world once worked without cell phones...

3. Tag Heuer Classic 2000: It's none too flashy, but nice and classy. I really like how it looks and wear it every day.

Also important to me is my Nikon D50, but I don't take it with me everyday as photography is more of a hobby that I wanted to get into, but hasn't really taken off for me yet. :p


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Dec 2, 2006
the OC
1. my mac. it's got all my pictures, my music, my email and everything i've ever written. it really is my life.

2. my iphone. first time ever i'm able to take my photos, my music, some movies and my email with me wherever i go. throw in google maps, a decent camera phone and anywhere-internet, and i'm one happy camper.

3. my really really old ti-85. i feel like graphing calculators should be better than they are, but this one does everything i need.


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Jun 18, 2007
1) Like everyone else, my Macbook Pro! Can't live without it!

2) My car! BMW 530i e39. Gorgeous car, even though its a few years old I have never had a car that is as much fun to drive... and I used to work at a huge car dealership! I rely on this thing every day, it takes me everywhere and I drive every day, and its a joy to drive every day! Financially, it was definitly a mistake, but secretly I still love it! Oh and for the tech bit- the e39 series apparently had more computing power than nasa used to get to the moon... though I'm not even sure how much that is!

3) Phone - SE k750i. Give me gprs internet, either to the phone when im on the go via opera, or on my laptop via bluetooth modem. Has an OK 2mp camera with autofocus so you get a decent picture (nothing to my S5IS) but still does the job in a rush and has a great battery life!


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Aug 9, 2006
Boston, MA
What I Do: College Student, Office Drone, Party (like a rockstar)

1. My Car - 99 Gold GMC Jimmy. 180,000 miles. It is a rock, I have been through 4 accidents in this car, and it is still chugging along, and so am I :D

2. My iMac - Duh. Indespensible tool for work, school and entertainment.

3. My Phone - Just a RAZR, but seriously, who can live without a cell phone. When I get a new phone in October, I am sure it will become even more important.

Runner Up: Debit card - man these things are convinient. I use it every day for every purchase I make, from a cup of coffee to a new TV.

PS: This is a cool thread idea :)


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Jan 28, 2007
2. Motorola e815. This thing is one tough phone. It's survived more drops than drops in a roller coaster, it has great reception for where I live (surrounded by trees), call quality, and it's got decent battery life. It can play music, videos, and photos if I'd like, go on the internet and check my email. I haven't used a landline as my primary for of communication since I got my phone last year.
I second this. The Moto e815 is 100% the best phone I've ever had my hands on. Although I'm not too clumsy with it, I do believe it has a rather durable design, one that I'm not afraid if it actually were to drop. I can't honestly say the same thing if I had an iPhone or something similar. The e815 also has a great set of features, well after a seam edit, anyway. Verizon crippled the Bluetooth on the phone to disable the OBEX profiles, but a quick seam edit fixes that. I haven't seen another phone with as nice of a screen (for its time), or the same set of features.


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Sep 27, 2006
What I Do: Nothing really, but student.

1. iMac. I use this thing every day. Definitely the best thing I've ever saved up for.

2. My tennis racquet. Wilson [K] Four 105 sq. in. :) Awesome racquet, and also gets a ton of use. Usually 3 hours a day.

3. Uhh, I'll have to copy Cassie and say electricity for this one. ;)


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May 25, 2006
Arlington VA
-Mac Mini-A very vital part of my life. I do my homework (papers and projects) on it, listen to music, watch and record tv, and browse the web on it.
-Palm T/X- My mobile mac mini. I can browse the internet, listen to music, watch videos, and do tons of other stuff on the go.
-Nokia 6215i- My cellphones. Self-explanatory


Jan 18, 2005
What I do - post-grad student, game developer.

1. My iMac. The things a beast compared to other computers I've used. I'm making an 8 second long video intro for future game trailers and I'm throwing effects and image correction all over the place and it runs fine (all in 1080p). Poor PowerBook couldn't do that...

2. PowerBook! For typing. I love it. Tiny, perfect keyboard, wonderful everything - just not powerful.

3. iPod Shuffle. Because I don't like taking my video iPod half the places I go. Don't want to risk smashing or drowning an 80gb iPod :eek:

Runners up are my Dell monitor and Xbox Media Centre.


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Jun 7, 2007
My indoor plumbing: I will pass on the description of how I use this bit of technology.

My air conditioning: It gets mighty hot in Texas.

My refridgerator: I use it to keep my food edible.