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Three issues with new MBP


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Jul 25, 2020
Hi there,

I have a new MBP 16 that's having a couple problems that are diving me absolutely insane.

  1. First one is that maps, wifi and significant locations are polling location services EVERY 60 seconds, regardless of whether I have apps open or closed. It continues after rebooting as well.
  2. Second issue is that kernel_task is seemingly writing obscene amounts of data every day. I usually have about 30GB of data written to disk every day, even if I download nothing. I really don't want to have this crazy amount of SSD wear for no reason. I'm almost positive it has nothing to do with SWAP because it's always showing 0 used, I guess because I have 32GB of memory.
  3. Last issue is with messages. Sometimes I'll get a notification that I received an SMS/iMessage, sometimes I won't. Sometimes I'll only get a notification on my phone when the Mac is on, sometimes I'll only get a notification on my Mac. Sometimes I won't get notifications anywhere and have to manually check the phone/message app for texts. I've done everything I can think of, logging in and out of iMessage, disabling/enabling iCloud for messages, killing the notification process on the Mac and making it restart, etc. This is an issue I also had with an older Mac that I had in 2017. Is this just a persistent bug that they can't seem to fix after all of these years?

The only third party apps I have installed are Adobe Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator, Spotify and TeamViewer. I've tried wiping the disk and reinstalling and still get the same behavior.

Any Ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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