Thumbnails no longer display.


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Feb 22, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ok last week everything was fine. Tonight I just noticed when I goto my Desktop Pictures folder, none of my wallpapers are showing up as thumbnails. I remember a few days ago I had to reset the default opening program back to "preview" as another application took over. Preview was faster so I set Preview back to default application. Well now some wallpapers show thumbnails but most do not. Like 3 of my 20 wallpapers are showing thumbnails. I looked at permissions, and settings under "Get Info" but I can see no difference. Did I change a setting somewhere and it killed some thumbnail association somewhere?

Thanks :p


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Jan 6, 2005
The solution rainman gave you just works with one picture at a time... a little slow is you ask me :).
To get them all fixed: right click (or ctrl click) on the picture, select Open with - other ; you'll get a list of programs. Select Preview, and check the "Always use this application" box that's on the bottom. Then hit Accept, and that's it.