Thunderbolt 1 Enclosure for Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD?

Sam Cracknell

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Feb 12, 2020
Edinburgh, Scotland
My MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) can no longer handle my Logic Pro X sessions and I'm getting constant system overload messages. Just getting to grips with all of the jargon surrounding external storage but I'm looking for some help.

I haven't utilised the thunderbolt capabilities of my MacBook so figured it was about time I did that.
Would this Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD increase the performance of my MacBook as well as providing storage space?
If so, what would be a good enclosure, ideally under £150, to house it?
If not, what would you recommend I do to increase the efficiency and storage on my Macbook without breaking the bank?



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May 8, 2008
Hilo, Hawai'i
A few years ago I had a similar problem. I bought this:

removed the spinning disk (thus voiding the warranty) and installed a SSD.

It works just fine.


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Oct 27, 2010
Ontario, Canada
fwiw, I get ~500MB/s transfer on a USB 3.0 enabled external SSD (Samsung T5) with my 2012 Mac mini. If you got a USB 3.0 enclosure to house that drive, you should see similar results.


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Feb 10, 2020
Yes, a SATA SSD like the Samsung EVO gives decent speed and a good price per GB.
Remember that the maximum speed of a SATA SSD is 0,6 GBbps. No need to buy an expensive enclosure that advertises with 20GBps, because the drive is not able to deliver that speed. An USB3 adapter or enclosure is good enough.