Thunderbolt Display + Dell MSA14 monitor arm

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by bokkow, Sep 21, 2015.

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    I would want to warn those who are considering this. People like me who thought that the 10.8KG weight of this pretty display is still kind of ok with a monitor arm's limit of 10KG. I thought this would still be within safety margins but sadly it is not.

    Most arms are rated to 24" and 9KG max, few are rated 27" and 10KG max and then very few claim to support an iMac or Thunderbolt display and unfortunately most of those very few are restricted to design you would have to like or insanely expensive.

    I like the minimalist design of my Dell MSA14 and it works flawlessly with a Dell P2715Q with which it looks very clean in my opinion:


    So I took the gamble as there is little to no experiences of others and ordered another arm and Vesa Mount kit and it looks like this:


    Not bad, not bad. Yep. BUT this is a snapshot moment, the arm can actually carry the weight but the tilting joint close to the actual mount cannot hold the weight and makes the display tilt down :(


    This is the only joint on the arm which is not adjustable, I was looking at a way to make it fixed in this position but so far could not find any. Mannnnn, soooo close and yet...

    I'm now considering selling my TB Display and buy another P2715Q but:

    • I love the TB Display's design, it is simply perfect opposed to the Dell, which has a far less elegant design
    • Had this Display for nearly 4 years now, I am kind of attached to it, in a weird way I don't like letting it go
    • I would need to invest in either a new MacBook or an eGPU setup to run 4K, neither of which I really look forward to splash out on.
    Just sharing my experiences in the hope anyone else who might try something similar will think it over before pulling the trigger on an underrated monitorarm
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    I liked that arm, considered a couple when I bought my Dell 27" displays earlier this year. The weight limit concerned me.

    We have a couple of VESA Retina iMacs and several rMBPs. I went with a Herman Miller Dual Flo for my two Dell displays - in silver, to match my rMBP and Flo Plus arms for the riMacs - the Flo Plus is rated 20-40 lbs. No issues with the Flo or Flo Plus. IMO they're as neat as your Dell. My rMBP is mounted on a Flo Plus with a laptop adapter.

    Agreed in that the Dell display's construction (I own two P2715Qs) are nowhere nearly as attractive as an Apple TB display, but the display panel kicks the TB's panel up and down a really long alleyway.

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