Tilly's petting farm: vocabulary app for kids

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    Teacher Tilly is happy to share her petting farm with you.
    Tilly’s Petting Farm is a good learning app for young children. It’s almost like using an interactive picture book where everything in the book can be tapped on and learned from. Everything you click on moves and each has about 3 or 4 different words of phrases they say.

    Watch the video demo here:

    available now for $1.99 in App Store!

    More info on our website http://www.teacher-tilly.com
    About Tilly’s petting farm:

    More than 300 English sentences.
    Packed with moving pictures and sounds.
    Thematic vocabulary teaching.
    Effective approach to learning vocabulary.
    Tested by toddlers.
    Created by parents (including teachers of primary education).
    Easy to use by children.
    There are 4 Plates to play.
    Per Plate two options: learn words and answer questions by touching the pictures.


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