Time Capsule part of a good backup strategy

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Well if you have an existing external HD then yeah it is a little pricey. However if you don't have one then it is pretty decent price for a 500 GB or TB HD and a wireless N router.
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    Not much information in the article except "it works". He fails to make the point of why incremental backups (like TM does) are so much better then simply cloaning a disk with a program like Super Duper.
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    That's why I'm probably going to get one. I need both a wireless-N router and due to the many drawbacks of the iMac, a external backup hard drive as well. The time capsule does both at a decent price without adding to the external device clutter.
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    I shopped on Amazon for:

    * A wireless N router

    * With a USB port that supports hard disks AND printing, both

    * And a 1TB USB drive to connect to it

    Even with various sales and rebates, I could only more or less match the Time Capsule's price. Or I could greatly exceed TC's price--easily.

    And that says nothing of Apple's super-easy management software, which would have value if you could buy it for other devices (but you can't). In addition, I like having one device with no extra power or USB cords needed--until I add more HDs someday.

    So TC it is! Plus I now get $25 off (Gold Box deal) so TC is ending up definitely on the cheap side.

    If only Amazon would ship it :eek:
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    No a home server with DLT tapes and a 6 month off site rotation into a safety deposit box is a good backup strategy. But I'm anal retentive that way. :p Time Capsule is an "OK" strategy. Your data is stored on two drives now, so its safe from a single hard drive crash, but it is not safe from outside threats such as fire, electric surge, kitty on counter top, etc. That's why my Time Machine drive sits in my fire vault with critical documents when not in use.
    *shrugs* Its the IT admin in me. I've dealt with data retention so long in my job that this thing is as big of a requirement for me now as breathing.

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