Time for a second lineup of iPhones

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sbrhwkp3, Nov 16, 2012.

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    I've been a die hard apple user since I first started using computers, and I've always said I'd never buy anything else. But I held a GS3 today, and for the first time since the original iPhone, I'm considering buying a Samsung with my next upgrade because I like a large screen. Not everyone has dainty little hands that can't handle it.

    Think about the evolution of the iPod. Not one single iPod fit everyone. That's why we had the mini, nano, and shuffle come along.

    So, the question is, with the release of the iPad mini, do you see Apple fragmenting their phone line? I honestly think its necessary if they want to remain competitive.

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    I see plenty of chicks with not only GSIII's but many 4.3+" screened Android phones. If they can handle it, I dont think people's "hand size" is the reason why they prefer a small screen.

    I think it comes down to people not having a real care for having a huge screen. In my opinion, I think the GSIII is probably a little too big for me. It fits in my hand fine and I can operate it fine, I just think at a certain size, a screen gets to a point where it feels too big to really feel like a portable mobile device. I think 4.3" screens look pretty nice size and proportion wise.

    I think the Note is ridiculously too large and silly looking. I know this is over exaggerated but it seriously looks like they have a small tablet up to their ear when I see people talking on them. Some of these Android phones look like they should come with a wall mount.

    In all seriousness, no one knows the plans for Apple. We can only look at their history. They stayed with a 3.5" screen for years and just moved to a 4" screen. I don't think Apple will ever really make more than one iPhone model at a time. Maybe they will. But not for a long time.

    That's sort of the cool thing about Apple. All this craze about "big fancy colorful screens" and Android phones being pumped out left and right and Apple is just doing what they want to do and still making a killing.
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    It's clear that the iPhone's biggest problem is how expensive it is.

    Apple's strategy seems to be that they expect people with less money to spend to get the iPhone 4 or 4S.

    They did that with the iPad too, but it's clear that there's demand for a smaller, "current" product - hence the iPad mini.

    I don't see them releasing an additional line that is bigger/costs more though.

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