Time for new models to be available as refurbished and availability of rMBP?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by emma.libertine, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Jul 31, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    So I have decided to get a Mac. Woo! Anyway, I have decided to get a MacBook Pro with the retina display. I definitely want to get a refurbished model as I need to save as much as I can, and it makes no difference to me as long as it works just like new.

    The problem is that I need a new computer soon, by the start of September really, although I am willing to wait a little. I would really REALLY like the new Haswell model that is coming out soon, but I don't think that will be in time.

    There is a chance that I can hang on a little, but does anyone know the rough time that it takes for a new model to become available as a refurbished model? I guess I would also have a lot of competition if any models would become available.

    Also, does anyone know the rough rate at which refurbished models become available? I wanted the 13.3-inch rMBP 2.6GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5 with 256 flash BUT this no longer seems to be available. I have been checking for some time now. Looks like I will now have to get the 2.5GHz with 128GB instead.

    Basically trying to decide whether to wait for a) the new Haswell model and b) for a refurb of the higher spec to become available.

    Thanks in advance and sorry it took me a while to get to the point there :)


    Oh I forgot to say, I'll be buying in the US
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    Apr 24, 2013
    New Orleans
    Well, I wouldnt even expect to see the New haswell models until october, so a refurb model wont be seen for a while after that.

    As far as "how long" is a good question, I would like to know when the new 2013 mac minis would appear on refurb after their release. But as far as I know, refurbs arent a production line, so they dont have set dates or stocks. Its depends more on their return rate. Im sure the 2012 models were pretty quick to appear because of the screen issues. But unless the new haswell models have any major problems, I wouldnt expect to see any in the refurb store until at least a month or two after the initial release. (My guess is around Christmas time).

    As far as the rate at which the older models appear, again thats a toss up. I think they do come in waves, so apple refreshes their refurb site every so often (whether once a week or twice a month, im not sure exactly), but there is no guarantee that the model youre looking for will even be on there. I still rarely see any low end mac minis on the refurb site, 2012 or earlier models, and if i do, they are all usually gone within a few days.
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    Oct 26, 2009
    It typically takes several months for new products to appear. Quantity totally depends on the number of returns, and availability is both a factor of quantity and demand so "hot" products are difficult to get as refurbs at first. The discontinued models will drop in price about the same time for minor refreshes but drop immediately for major refreshes.

    I'd expect an abundance of them starting January 2014, assuming the expected Fall 2013 release.

    Also, as far as minis are concerned, they are always difficult to snatch because the production volume is low, the return rate seems to be low, and lots of people try to buy them as refurbs to use them as entertainment centers or servers (at least I do!).

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