Time Machine and iPhoto –*I cannot figure this out!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by CandiceC, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I have a quick question that I suspect has a very simple solution – I just don't know what it is!

    I bought a 1tb Western Digital MyPassport yesterday to back up my MacBook. I really just want to store photos and music, but I decided to use Time Machine to back up the whole system, since I haven't done that since buying the computer in October 2009.

    After I backed up all my photos, I deleted them from my hard drive. I seriously have way, way too many and they were taking up a ridiculous amount of space. I guess when I did that, I deleted my iPhoto library with it. It's all backed up on the external HD, so no worries (unless it fails. haha). The problem is, every time I connect my iPhone to my MacBook, it launches iPhoto and unless the external HD is connected, it makes me go through the process of creating a new photo library, which I then have to delete when I do connect the external HD. Aurgh. It's giving me a headache.

    I cannot for the life of my figure out how to restore the library to my computer so that I don't have to have my external HD plugged in every single time I connect my phone to the computer. I know that I could make it to where iPhoto doesn't launch when I connect it, but I don't really want to have to have my external HD connected when I want to download pictures from my phone, either.

    I have tried to go into Time Machine and restore the library. The option is grayed out. I can't even find it in the backup files, so I can't just drag and drop. What in the world am I doing wrong?
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    that might explain it. the way TM works, if you delete data from your HD, it will eventually be deleted from your TM backups too.

    TM is a backup, and not a storage solution !

    FWIW, have a look at this user tip and scroll down to restoring via iPhoto.

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