Time Machine via AirPort Disk Is Unsupported

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    Link: Time Machine via AirPort Disk Is Unsupported
    Description:: What a "lack of support" means is that if you attempt to use an 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station for Time Machine backup, you won't get any help from Apple's technical support, something that readers have already told me. I've been receiving reports that USB-attached drives work erratically with an AirPort Extreme.

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    It sounds like such a great alternative to buying time capsule.

    So, I guess there will be a forum on MR for those who need tech support using Time Machine in a way not condoned by Apple. Sigh.
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    Hopefully it will be supported when it's ready.

    But I posted this because I came across it JUST in time to change my own order from an Airport to a Time Machine. I don't really want to wait to get started backing up (more regularly)--and I DO want it to be reliable.

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