Time: What Bush got right on Iraq - and what Obama can learn from it

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by ugahairydawgs, Mar 20, 2013.

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    No time to read article right now but Iran is a problem because we invaded and neutered Iraq. From the selling of the war, to we'll be greeted as liberators, to it will take less than six months, to it will cost about $60 billion, to their oil money will pay for rebuilding the country, I don't see anything Bushco did right. Oh yeah, the surge, which was needed to quell a civil war we caused because of a lack of planning for the war. Let's hope Obama has learned from this.
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    I read the article but I don't think it really has a coherent point of view. Every President will face new challenges because the world doesn't stay the same. The world in 2003 was very different from what it is today, so, I guess the real lesson is, "Don't make mistakes."

    Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld'Wolfowitz, blinded by ideology as we would have expected, did make one huge completely avoidable mistake-- avoidable, because these alleged students of history-- all of them, including Bush-- apparently never learned from all their reading that it is quite possible to win every major battle and still lose, and that occupying a hostile country is always much more costly than you think it is going to be.
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    Generals always fight the last war, so we should avoid this with Iran. Thus, I am not sure what Iraq teaches us about influencing the Iranian theocracy's behaviour. The main thing we can learn from the Iraq war is about reconstruction efforts, but that didn't seem to help us in Afghanistan....

    Also, I think the article states the degree to which sanctions were successful. As I recall, weren't Iraqi radars locking on to allied aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone? Also, the list of companies that violated the oil-for-food programme was rather long, and the UN did not release it in a form that would allow one to calculate how much each country benefited by the illegal activities of its companies in Iraq. Certainly there were many US companies breaking the sanctions, but as I recall there was a rather high number of companies from countries (France, Russia) that vetoed military action outright in the UN Security Council. In this regard I have always found the moral indignation from these countries about the Iraq war to be rather hypocritical since their companies were weakening the sanctions and supporting a corrupt dictator.
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    The Iraq War was a shame from the start. Is there anyway, shape, or form, that W got anything right by committing the country to disastrous foreign adventure, violating our own rules for aggression, promoted under false pretenses? Or is this just a blatant attempt to whitewash history for the political benefit of the GOP?
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    I am not entirely clear on what "the situation Obama is facing with Iran" amounts to.

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