Tips for getting a girl to like me


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Sep 22, 2004
Chico, CA
Are you friendly with her? If I were you I would just ask her first and see what she says. If she already said no and you are trying to change her mind I would just give up and move on. You shouldn't need to do anything special to get someone to like you If she likes you she likes you if she doesn't then move on. I think you should be yourself no matter what. I am assuming you are pretty young you will have plenty of time to meet people don't stress too much. Maybe get her a rose or something


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Nov 11, 2004
Denver, CO
ok. not that I have too much experiance in this dept, but here it goes.
dont try to hard. if a girl is going to like you, you want her to like you for who you are, not who you think she wants you to be. i know this sounds cheesey, but its absolutley true. keep your eyes open, but dont go searching for girls. if she likes you, and you like her, youll click. if there is a girl you like, and who you like likes you, make an effort. talk to her. get to know her. eventually, ask her out. but whatever you do. dont get a date just for the sake of getting a date, because you will regre it later. good luck!!


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spasticmutant said:
Buy her a new powerbook.

Anne Marie
Meh, I'd start with an pink iPod mini. But what the others said is so true. Regardless of how cute or popular she is, if you have to be something that you aren't in order to impress her, you won't have a fun relationship.

If this is just a date for a dance, find a cutie, have a great night, and don't stress over it.


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Jul 16, 2002
back in NYC!
Is there a particular girl? Or do you just want to be more desirable in general?

My advice: if it is a particular girl, be honest with her. Tell her that you want to go to the dance with her. Don't try to win her over by being someone else. I'm gunna quote Lauryn Hill:

"we date people..... we put on the make up... we dress up... and then we do things we'll never ever ever ever do again.... and that's why so many marriages end up in divorce because people wake up next to a stranger. They say 'who the hell are you?'" -Lauryn Hill

I agree with most of the things Lauryn Hill says and this is no exception. Let this girl get to know you, not who you make yourself out to be.

If you just want to be more desirable then, once again, just be honest. "Nothing can be done against the truth, no matter how we remain in denial." -Lauryn Hill. I know I sound like a broken record (or a Lauryn Hill CD ;)), but I really think that the best thing you can do to get into a healthy (romantic or friendly) relationship.



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Aug 19, 2004
Hey Will -- tell us a little more about yourself. Are you outgoing, shy, generally good around girls, generally bad around girls?

Be more specific, and we'll give you more specific tips on how to win her over ... for example, getting her a pink iPod Mini vs. a blue iPod Mini. :D

Really though, I echo most on this thread: be yourself. Maybe if you're especially shy, work up a little confidence just for the moment, or if you're especially outgoing, tone it down slightly for the moment so as not to intimidate her ... make sure, though, that you're being yourself the other 99.9% of the time.


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May 2, 2004
Santa Clara
Will Curran said:
I'm getting mine first. Second. Need a cheaper solution.

Smart. Place the oxygen mask over your own nose and mouth before attempting to assist others.

Chocolate is good, flowers are nice, you're probably too young to buy a nice bottle of champagne so I won't suggest that. Or, you could invite her out for a movie, maybe a bike ride and a picnic (if weather permits), anything to spend a little time so she can feel more comfortable with you. This time of year maybe the ice skating rinks are open - that's always fun. Don't let her break her ankle before the dance, though. :D

DO NOT offer to do her homework for her - that's a sign of desperation.

Anne Marie


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Jun 18, 2004
here is some free advice, now i am not saying it is any good, but =>

1. stop crapping drawers in public.
2. see #1

follow these instructions as best you can and you will have the women all over you. and buying her a powerbook as mentioned above can't hurt.

flattery never faileth.



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Apr 19, 2004
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Just find someone you like and have the courage to ask them. I have been surprised when girls I thought were out of my league have said yes just because I had the courage to ask.

Edit: also ask in person instead of over the phone, it's harder to say no to someone in person.


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Nov 11, 2004
Denver, CO
youll find one of your best recources are friends. find someone who you can talk to, maybe someone who has gone through this stage. they are allways the ones to push you the extra mile to ask the girl out, and that when it really pays off.


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Jan 31, 2003
Chi Town
stoid said:
If this is just a date for a dance, find a cutie, have a great night, and don't stress over it.
That's the best advice yet. Girls don't see dances as a huge deal, from what I've seen, so you should just ask her and see what she says. Who knows! If it works out, it could be a nice, comfortable situation in which to spark a future relationship. And if it doesn't work out, a dance is the best place to be, because it's structured enough to reduce awkwardness (and similar things will be happening to lots of other people).

Sun Baked

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May 19, 2002
Will Curran said:
I'm getting mine first. Second. Need a cheaper solution.
They say the girls on Van Buren like you quite well if you slide them some cash, no need for a PowerBook.

If she likes you, ok... but you won't know unless you ask.


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Feb 19, 2003
Planet Zebes
This applies if you are asking her out for the 1st time (not if you've tried before):
Be yourself and have confidence. Not all girls consider themselves high & mighty above everyone else. Girls are self conscious too. Any girl will be flattered to be asked out. If you are confident in yourself then it will not matter whether or not she says yes or will be her loss. If she sees that you are confident in yourself I almost guarantee she'll say yes. Women love confident men. Buy her a rose or any other flower you think she'll like (just one b/c more may seem desperate to someone you're not already dating)......and give it to her when you ask her to the dance. If she says no, tell her to keep the flower and that your offer stands. Don't be whatever you need to do to be in a happy/confident state when you ask. EYE not look down, up, or away when talking to her......look at her eyes.
Good luck!


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Oct 30, 2003
Dallas, Texas

gwuMACaddict said:
i think if you're stuck asking for girl help in a tech forum, then you're outta luck... :rolleyes:
dotnina, jovian9 and others have given him good advice.

Besides, the internet is a very safe and non-threatening way to get personal advice - coupled with the fact that most geeks on a tech forum have been there too, so they would offer him honest and helpful info :)


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Dec 27, 2002
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Good advice so far.

If you know she likes you as well, then just walk up to her, look into her eyes, and ask. If you're a mumbling, bumbling idiot at talking to girls, then just be the mumbling idiot that you are. If you're confident enough to talk to girls very regularly in class and such, then be that confident guy. If she likes you already, then there's probably a reason she does, so make sure that quality is still there when you ask. If she's the type that thinks it's cute if you're shy about this sort of thing, and she already likes you, then it's okay to act shy. In other words, just act like yourself, although a slightly more nervous version of yourself, if she already likes you.

And staring into her eyes is the difference between friends and girlfriends. If you stare into her eyes when you ask, you're in.

If you asked her before, or you're not sure if she likes you, then talk to her a bit more often, but stare into her eyes whenever you do. Seriously, eye contact is a very very basic thing to do that works exceptionally well. :)

Look into a girl's eyes, and it's like looking into her heart. She'll love you for it. ;)


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Jan 8, 2003
San Francisco, California
Abstract said:
Look into a girl's eyes, and it's like looking into her heart. She'll love you for it. ;)
haha, I'd agree with that! If you do that she'll know you mean it. Of course, if you just trying to find someone, and you don't already have anyone in mind, she may freak out a little if you do that, lol :D Gotta love the iPod suggestions, but *most* girls don't care about you giving them stuff, they just want you to be you. (at least that's how i feel... :rolleyes: )