tips for getting the exchange update for entourage to work

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by FatTony, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. FatTony macrumors regular

    Jul 17, 2002
    I'm not having any luck getting the new exchange update for entourage to work. The account wizard fails and when I manually setup my account it fails, too.

    Then I noticed in the accounts list, that my new (broken) exchange account is an IMAP account. Please don't tell me that this thing needs IMAP and LDAP to work. My admins won't enable that.

    Anyone have any tips or success stories?
  2. gopher macrumors 65816

    Mar 31, 2002
    Maryland, USA
    Are you running Office v. 10.1.4? It may need that as a minimum to install on top of.
  3. FatTony thread starter macrumors regular

    Jul 17, 2002
    I didn't word that post very well. The update installed successfully, I just can't get the new exchange features to work.
  4. dswoodley macrumors 6502a

    Jul 18, 2002
    is their an error # Entourage references? If so, check the Mactopia knowledge base. I hate to say, but like myself you are probably screwed. Thanks for nothing MS.

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