Tired of Bad News from Iraq? Just Don't Broadcast It.

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    Another example of liberal media bias, I guess.

    Sinclair Broadcast Group recently said that they were tired of all the bad news coming from Iraq . . .

    April 17, 2004

    Sinclair TV: "Good News" Stories About Iraq?
    by William Hughes

    Sinclair Broadcast Group, an owner of 62 television stations (including Baltimore's Fox 45) in 39 markets around the country, is sick and tired of all that supposedly "bad news" coming out of Iraq. It has decided to do something about it, too. Beginning this month, it plans to broadcast programs from that ill-fated Arab country that will emphasize "the positive" about Iraq, according to an article by David Folkenflik in the Baltimore Sun (02/18/04), entitled, "In Iraq, Going for the Upbeat."

    The two media geniuses who have taken on this fact-defying mission, are Sinclair's Jon Leiberman, its Washington, DC bureau chief, and Mark Hyman. Hyman is Sinclair's vice-president for corporate relations and its chief propagandist. Most recently, he has been boring audiences to tears with his right wing commentaries. He's big on ranting, a la Rush Limbaugh, about "government regulations." Some of Hyman's predictable spiels have come directly from US-British-Occupied Iraq. I'm sure the White House crowd just loves hearing them.

    The dynamic duo contend that the liberal media outlets have failed "to balance the bad news with the good" with respect to the Neocon-inspired invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    Leiberman, however, did concede that it takes "a little bit of digging to find good news" about Iraq.


    A week and a half later, with war waging in Fallujah, and Najaf surrounded by troops, Sinclair is taking action . . .

    April 29, 2004


    The ABC Television network announced on Tuesday that the Friday, April 30th edition of “Nightline” will consist entirely of Ted Koppel reading aloud the names of U.S. servicemen and women killed in action in Iraq. Despite the denials by a spokeswoman for the show the action appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq.

    While the Sinclair Broadcast Group honors the memory of the brave members of the military who have sacrificed their lives in the service of our country, we do not believe such political statements should be disguised as news content. As a result, we have decided to preempt the broadcast of “Nightline” this Friday on each of our stations which air ABC programming.​

    I have to agree with them. Showing that the Iraq war has actually created casualties is a terribly strong political statement. I suppose putting a happy face on the war in Iraq should be considered both journalistically responsible, and political neutral, right?
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    well that's just retarded. i'd rather they grill some administration official on, well, anything.

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