TiVo DVR App that allows you to view and program TiVo or DVR menu from iPhone anywher


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Jun 23, 2008
California, USA
After reading the below article, I searched the App store for an App for the iPhone that allows us to view and program our TiVos and DVRs from our iPhones when we are away from home. I only found one app, called Rick Maddy DVR Shows. Does anyone know of a good TiVo/DVR App? Thanks.

"TiVo is teaming up with Research In Motion, giving BlackBerry owners the ability to program their digital video recorders remotely. ... watching your TiVo-recorded programs on the go through your BlackBerry" http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2008/09/11/tivo-nibbles-on-blackberry.aspx


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May 9, 2008
I was looking for one, too, that can manage recording outside of my home network.

It would be nice if TiVo created one and also an automatic batch Tivo-to-iTunes OS X app.