To all naysayers about Climate Change just watch this...

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    Why should I waste my valuable time watching a video when you couldn't be bothered to write a short précis?

    Quick quiz: If the atmospheric concentration of CO2 were doubled from what it was at the start of the Industrial Revolution and we only considered the impact of the CO2 (not any other GHG or feedbacks), how much would the temperature rise?
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    Some people here have data plans and post from their phones.
    Please post text.
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    Hillary says: "What Difference Does It Make"
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    A summary before the expanded detail would be nice. I've to remember to do that more often, too.

    Am not discounting the possibility that there's a real problem. All I know is, I'm not the youngest person to remember my childhood and noted how different winters and summers used to be. Most deniers have to be under the age of 10 or they're so senile they don't remember the past they lived in or were incapable to have noticed the surroundings in which they lived at the time to compare to now with?

    Never mind other tangents
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    And today it was announced that the first mammal to be forced into extinction due to climate change has happened.
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    Right, because climate change didn't kill before. Not ever. :rolleyes:
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    Obviously the climate is changing. Alaska just had it's warmest year on record. But on record doesn't mean much on Earth. We've been through ice cap melting and ice cap freezing many times, all without the industrial revolution. Polar bears appeared because of non-human climate change.

    The problem is climate change and trying to prove humans are the cause. I think we need to eliminate the climate change vernacular. The climate will always change but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take responsibility for taking care of the only planet we have. Anyone who understands math knows you can conclusively prove that humans are causing climate change, and also that humans are not causing climate change. Do you see how that will never get us anywhere?
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    It certainly is the first time in humanity that man-made climate change has been proven to have killed another mammal (those creatures most readily adept at changing environments).

    I know that no US right winger accepts the facts (of anything) but it is what it is - a sad indictment on us.
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    The Clinton Archipelago unfortunately
    Happy National Soil Day to you too....I am still a naysayer.
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    Keep drinking the Kool-aid man.
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    I know right, me, almost every government, scientist, climatologist or expert are all deluded but the scientific inept ignorance loving US right wing secretly knows the truth but is unable to show anyone!!!!!

    Chemtrails and Ilumminati right?
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    You better hurry man. The end is here!
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    Oh I'm sure I've got the rest of my lifetime.

    But I'm not selfish enough to want to destroy the world for my daughter or her kids - you clearly feel differently.

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