To go where NO PC has gone before.......Explination


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Jul 18, 2001
X on Intel, same day Intel introduces their 2GHZ chips, possible meaning for the keynote move?

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Jan 5, 2002

where don't PC's go? well, they're pretty uncommon in cars, so maybe apple's made some sort of mobile automobile interface type gadget. boy that'd be dope, i'd buy one for my subaru. PC's have yet to venture under the sea. i would also buy a mac that i could take into the shower. they could call it the ibath, and it gives new meaning to the "aqua" interface. hahahahaha! it's ripe for parody. but seriously folks, PCs, at least real, fully functional PCs, don't go anywhere. sure you've got laptops, but those are bulky and mostly stationary, unlike PDAs, but PDAs aren't nearly as functional as real PCs. so, much as i'd like to see an iBath, i think an apple PDA is something you can count on seeing at MWSF.
on a side note, i think it's very funny how none of us can wait less than 48 hours now to have all these questions and speculations put to rest. we're slaves to that little logo, god bless it.


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Feb 24, 2001
Apple would only bring OS X to intel as a last-ditch effort to save the company from bankruptcy. My theroy on this teaser's meaning is that some Apple web guys were trekkers.
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