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Sep 9, 2016
So the wife and I just upgraded our iPhone 7 128gb’s to XS’s. We are for sure keeping one 7 for our daughter who is not on a phone plan yet but will be pretty soon so she’s currently using it as an iPod(which replaced her SE we bought through straight talk but never activated that she used as an iPod[cheaper than buying a regular iPod]). We have two boys 8 and 6. My original plan was to sell one 7 on ebay(going for $350ish) but I am having second thoughts on that as the 7 is a great phone that one of them can use now(as an iPod,backup phone for us if something happens) and eventual activate it down the road on our plan. What would the forum do? They have iPad mini 2’s(which are good for some of their learning apps for school)but they all seem to be pushing for iPods/phone size devices now.


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Sep 9, 2016
do not sell your phone on ebay

if your going too sell sell it on here


i have sold many things on swappa and not had a isssu ebay you are at risk of getting scam
Can you elaborate on getting scammed through eBay? That’s how I always sold my phone with no issues. Just wondering


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Sep 12, 2012
i all ways sell my stuff throw swppa wish is much s safer then useing ebay


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Nov 17, 2017
the iPhone 7 is still very good, i wouldn't sell it off very quick though. it can serve as a back up phone in the future in case anything happens you don't have to rush it. it's still one of apple's best phones to date even though it might be "outclassed by iPhone 8/8+/XR/XS/XS+"

however if you think it will definitely get no use in like say the next 3-4 months onwards then yea sell it and get some money back.


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Dec 28, 2009
You made a terrible mistake getting the XS and giving up that 7 form factor. The 7 was the better phone. Smh


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Mar 17, 2010
Planet Earth
Hell... on Thursday, I sold a Rose Gold 32GB 7 Plus on eBay for $375 within 5 mins of listing because eBay was running the 15% off sitewide promo. Buyer paid like $318. It was a win win for all. Swappa might be cheaper in fees to sell, but you have a bunch of lowballers constantly hitting the comments asking you to lower the price... and then if you actually do it.... they still don't buy it.
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