To those noticing intermittent, erratic and slow wifi

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Megalobyte, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Megalobyte, Sep 22, 2012
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    I think there are 2 things going on.

    First, my 4s seems to be a bit faster on wifi than my 5. I saw a few other threads that indicate others have seen this too. If anybody has done some good head to head wifi speed tests between a 4s and a 5 on the same wifi connection, I'd love to know which phone was consistently faster.

    But, I also think there's an iOS 6 wifi glitch at work as well. Here's why.

    I have opened a bunch of large photos on web pages with both phones, the 4s tends to render the pics a bit faster, surprising, but, the really strange thing is, many times, if I switch wifi off and use the phone's relatively slow AT&T hspa connection instead of wifi, it'll actually load the pics faster than when I use wifi. Even though my wifi clocks anywhere from 20-30 Mbps, and the hspa/4g is typically only 5-6. It sure seems as if something in iOS 6 is screwing up wifi. And either the 5 is more affected by it, or, both are affected, but for some reason, the 5's wifi is actually a bit slower and weaker than the 4s.

    Up until I upgraded to iOS 6, and got the 5, my 4s at home, on wifi was like lightning. Now, it seems a bit slower, and, the 5 is even slower than the 4s on wifi.

    The 5 is however faster than the 4s was on hspa cellular.

    I hope this is something fixable in a patch. I do 95% of my phone Internet browsing at home on wifi, and right now, despite the 5 getting at least respectable speedtests of around 15-20 Mbps, overall, it's nowhere near as fast on wifi as my 4s was before ios6.

    So 2 strange things here. One, that my 4s is consistently faster by 7-8 Mbps than my 5 on wifi in the same exact spot. And second, pages will load faster connected to a 5-7 Mbps hspa connection than a 20 Mbps wifi connection. Makes very little sense.
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    There are several threads on this topic. Here is what I posted yesterday:

    Despite these fantastic results, I still see occasional pauses when browsing/downloading via Wifi on the iPhone 5,which I haven't noticed on the 4s or the ipad3. It's as if the 5 is periodically losing its Wifi connection for a fraction of a second.

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