To Upgrade to 2015 rMBP 15" with BTS promo or not

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by youngmru, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. youngmru macrumors newbie

    Jun 29, 2015
    As my title says, i'm currently at the state of whether or not i should decide to upgrade to the rMBP 2015 15" with a dGPU. I'm currently on early 2011 MBP, now the problem isn't the speed of my current MBP, as i've upgraded to an SSD and have 16GB of RAM. However, it is the GPU, battery life (between 2-5 hours on a 940 cycle count, 88% battery health) and also display (although, i'm not too fussed by the retina display). I'm currently hesitant because i wanted to get a skylake rMBP because the current one's are using Haswell (?) CPU's and the GPU's in the 2015 model are very similar to the GPU used in the 2014 model. Because i'm not going to be living at home i cannot use my iMac anymore to do tasks i'd use the GPU on that for, so i was wondering whether i should go ahead and purchase the 2015 rMBP or wait for skylake.

    My usage of the rMBP would be safari, document creation via iWork/MS Office and gaming (Hence the want for the dGPU).
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    Function is all that matters. If you are able to accomplish your objectives with what you have now, don't buy. Thoughts of purchasing and utilizing a brand-spanking new rMBP may add spark to the creative process over the next several months, instead of fussing around with …? uhm, the "clunker" you have now, if you want a reason to impel you to buy now.

    I purchased a 2014 15" rMBP, 16GB, 256SS in April, replacing a 2010 White MacBook for use with Logic Pro X. I specifically wanted the i7 processor, not the i5 in the new 2015 models. Your tasks will do well with the new i5 2015 models, but consider an i7 to carry on for future tasks and the software that may be required in the years to come.
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    Oct 24, 2013
    All the 15 inch rMBP's come with i7 CPU's the only real difference is the dGPU option and SSD size.

    The i7 in the 13 inch only provides a very modest performance increase for the money (2-5%) as it is still just a dual core, unless you know this will make a difference in your workload it really isn't worth it.

    OP if you are struggling to do your work buy now, if your current is working fine for you then wait to upgrade.

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