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    Link: Toast 9 - Video Streamer, Audio Recorder, Video compressor… oh, and still it burns stuff too
    Description:: Roxio’s Toast 9 is the main reason I will be waiting in line to buy a 3G iPhone later this year. Their new Streamer application is a study in simplicity and ease of use, taking almost all the guess work out of setting up your computer to stream content over the internet (assuming your router will cooperate, that is). I can’t wait to be able to watch streamed videos on a 3G network, not simply over Wi-fi. Toast 9’s new compression capabilities are also an amazing addition to the suite, and will eliminate the need for another 3rd party compression utility for most Mac users. A wealth of presets and the ability to customize settings mean you will be able to watch your videos on pretty much any device with playback capabilities. The ability to burn HD DVDs on standard DVD discs means all of us who have bought into the HD camcorder craze may finally be able to see what we shot as it was intended, although the extra $20 Roxio charges for the privilege seems a bit lame.

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