TONS of things (computers, games, accessories, more) FS or FT for USB graphics tablet

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    1) Wallstreet G3 233mhz, 384mb RAM, 6gb HDD, CD (just CD not Combo), WiFi PCMCIA Card (free drivers work for this, but no WEP - there is a commercial driver that is supposed to give you WEP support). Get's 1.5-2+ hours on the battery, depending what you are doing and if you are using WiFi. Includes original discs, and a janky case (good for extra shipping protection at the least, or shlupping the thing around if you're not fashion conscience). Hate to sell it; I'm oddly attached to it, but I don't use it much and I need the cash for something more important. SOLD and SHIPPED

    2) Metroid Prime Hunters for DS. Perfect condition, in the case, w/ manual. $20 shipped OBO in the US.

    3) GameCube Component cables, new in bag. $40 firm shipped in the US.

    4) Multi console system AV cables... Xbox1, PS2, and GameCube composite and SVideo plus stereo audio. $10 shipped OBO.

    5) FireWire and USB2.0 powered hub. New in box, labeled as Compaq brand. I have two, one is unused, the other is on my desk and works great. Has 3 FW ports (one for an "in" leaving two for "out"), 1 "in" USB2.0 port and 4 "out", plus DS power port. $20+actual shipping OBO.

    6) USB Joystick. New in box, labeled "Cyborg Graphite". Specs here. $10+actual shipping OBO.

    7) Battlestar Galactica Season 1 DVD boxset. This has the miniseries, the 13 episodes of season 1, and bonus features. 5 discs, in perfect condition (watched once). I left most of the plastic wrap on the box to protect the cardboard casing, only cutting away the side where the discs are removed from the case. $35+actual shipping costs.

    8) Super Smash Bros Melee for GC w/case and manual. $22 shipped US OBO.

    9) Metroid Prime for GC w/ case and manual. $10 shipped US OBO.

    10) EA NHL 2004 for GC w/ case, no manual. $8 shipped US.

    11) SmartrFrag Joy XBox1 Keyboard and mouse adapter (let's you plug in a PS2 or USB - with converter which I could give you one of if I can find it in the junk drawer - mouse and keyboard to your Xbox. Awesome for FPS shooters, but not to convenient now that my Xbox is connected to a projector TV). Has the quick reference config card and full manual. $16 shipped OBO.

    12) Gravis USB gamepad. Looks like a PS1 controller. Works with OSX. $7 shipped US OBO.

    13) Home Depot $15 gift card. $12.50 shipped US.

    14) Used (barely) Apple earbuds, with new foam cover thingies. $10 shipped OBO.

    15) Black Griffin Earthump headphones, with NO rubber insert things. If you have a pair of these, you know what I am talking about and have 2 extra sets that came with them - my cats ATE ALL of them, so I had to buy a new pair. Comes with a really nice little case. Only useful if you already have a set and want to get another one and use your extra rubber things with these. $10 shipped US OBO.

    16) Logitech MX900 Bluetooth wireless mouse. Works great with internal Apple bluetooth, but the charging station/BT adapter for it is busted. Uses standard AA's, though. Specs here. $25 plus actual shipping OBO.

    I can take pics of any of these items on request. I'd be happy to combine shipping for savings on multiple items. All shipping is from 48912 ZIP code, USPS 1st class, media mail, Priority Mail, or UPS Ground/Air at the discretion of whoever is paying for the shipping! I've done several deals on the forums, some large (traded $1000+ computers) some small (bought and sold same games, etc). 100% eBay feedback under 'robandstuff'.

    I would take trades for as OSX compatible, USB, and pressure sensitive graphics tablet. Wacom would of course be fine and 6x8 would be neat, but I'll take any offers (ie off-brand and 4x5 is A-O-K); I'd like to spend as little as possible.

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    The Wallstreet is sold and shipped. Everything else is still available - feel free to make an offer an any or all of it!

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