Too all who have 300+ posts

When will u have 300 posts

  • Tommorow

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  • Later

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • Long time from now

    Votes: 11 30.6%
  • Very long time from now

    Votes: 9 25.0%
  • Never!!!!

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  • I already have 300 posts fool!

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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
I wish that I had 300 posts. Maybe if I just respond to evey little thing I see, I'll someday get there.

Oh well, gotta go post some more :D


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Jan 1, 2002
california, usa
eyelikeart is going to be the first to hit 700 posts and i wonder if there is a designation beyond "macrumors 6502" which is the award given to anyone who hits 500 posts

spikey was the first active user to achieve that mark


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
maybe 1000 posts?

maybe at 1000 posts? who knows....

I just wonder why I'm the only one so far using an avatar? I thought for sure spikey would!!

however, this will likely be my last post for I am about to embark upon a feast from a crawfish boil....for those who know what they are! :p


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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
mmm. crawfish.

hey, wasn't there some other guy posting in this thread. He was from texas, I think. He replied to one of my posts, and now all of his posts have dissapeared. I think his user name was krossfire, or something like that.


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Jan 13, 2002
secret city
you all need to be careful...i got kicked off for posting so much.

posting basically to pick up my post count.

so watch out. im just warning you all. but im sure you all couldnt rock it like i was rocking it.. i had 100 posts in one day. my count was up to 180. i got kicked off and i was shut down by ARN ..... understandibly so mind you.
i was allowed back in provided i curtail my actions. my count was reduced.


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Jul 31, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Um, yeah, I'm over the number of posts thing. The number of posts you have doesn't make your opinion any more or less valid. Also, you can't have an avatar unless you have 500 posts. So there's that prize for you!