Top 10 IT myths

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    Description:: Honourable mention: Macs cost more than PCs

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    Geese, Louise, it took this long?!
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    Another MacBytes post that bites. Pun intended. To claim that security through obscurity is the truth and that MacOS X and Linux are not inherently more secure is a disgrace for any site that deals with computer issues. It is a double disgrace for a site that caters to Mac users.

    The other inane "myths" on this list include the claim that Bill Gates was not one of the most brilliant programmers because he was only in the Top 1000. Let's get this straight: Microsoft's founding product was Microsoft BASIC. It was developed by that tried and true method known as Dumpster Diving. Gates and his friends fished a paper tape holding the BASIC code out of the trash at Digital Equipment Corporation. Gates worked there while he was a student at Harvard.

    Of all the programmers at all the private corporations, government agencies, and universities in the US and around the World in the mid-1970s, this nitwit thinks that Gates was in the Top 1000. Geez!
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    I'm sure it also depends which Mac you're comparing. If it's a MacBook (Pro), the prices may be comparable to a PC counterpart. Something that hasn't been updated like the Mac Pro, probably the Mac Pro would be way more. I remember reading on another thread that Steve Jobs doesn't want the margins to be anything less than 28% (but I'm not totally sure so don't quote me on that). IMHO, I think that companies should make their profit more on volume rather than margins, but that's just me.

    One other myth I'd like to know about: is printer ink really the world's most expensive liquid?
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    Since I'm no hacker & since Windows has so much more marketshare than both Macs & Linux, I don't know how true "security through obscurity" is. However, I do think that it is a factor.

    I'm not that into who's the best programmer, but I'm sure Bill at least has some programming skill. But I do know he has marketing skill. If this were the Star Trek universe, though, I'd swear MS programs were written by Klingons and marketed by Ferengi.
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    Actually, it has nothing to do with Windows marketshare. The security-through-obscurity excuse was asserted by Bill Gates about a decade ago when Windows was suffering a withering barrage of virus attacks. Bill Gates defended Windows by claiming that these attacks were the result of Windows's popularity. Gates offered no studies--controlled or otherwise--to support his assertion. Thus, this damning fault became a virtue. The popular press and the easily convinced accepted Gates's assertion like sheep.
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    shame that it dispels one mac myth while propping up another.
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    Actually it is the other way around; try comparing a high-end PC laptop with the MBP, and you can find equal, or better, specs for less. What you wouldn't get is the great screen, or the fantastic look.

    And, if you can find a XEON based dual-CPU, 8-core, 8-socket RAM, quad-HD bay, near-silent tower PC (which looks as good as the MP), take a look at the price. You would be looking at a graphics work station, and they generally run much more than the MP.

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    OS X and Windows had just as good/bad security, and that antivirus companies don't write malware and viruses..

    Yeah right ;)
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    Good article. They're pretty much spot on with everything they say in it.
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    Reply on 10 IT myths

    Good Aritcle
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Only a tiny one. I mean, how many users of an OS do there need to be before it's considered "worth" writing a virus? Are the tens of millions of people using OS X really not enough?

    As the article points out, most malware is written by script kiddies, who have just enough programming knowledge to be able to exploit the many vulnerabilities of Windows. Writing a truly destructive virus for OS X is certainly possible, but it would require programming skill and knowledge of the OS far in advance of anything script kiddies possess - and most people who have that degree of skill aren't interested in using it for writing Mac malware.

    I'd say that the clincher is the fact that, even after all this time, there are still no destructive Mac viruses. The tens of millions of smug Mac users out there (such as me :)) who aren't running any AV software and who like to assert the Mac's invulnerability from viruses are an incredibly juicy target, and the first person to create a serious Mac virus would become a legend in the sociopathic malware-writing community overnight, create global headlines, and change the game forever - and yet, nothing.

    You might be interested in this ;)

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