Top 10 Mac OS X Software?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by skyfex, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Mar 18, 2004

    I will soon reinstall OS X on my PowerBook. After installing hundreds of applications I think it isn't performing 100%. Perhaps it's just me... But it would be nice to clean out the hard-drive and get things sorted out. I mean, I switched just 6 months ago. I am used to having to format my windows computer ever few months.

    I thought that I should try and get an overview over what applications I will use. So I created a list over the best 3rd party applications for OS X (IMO), that I will use. This is what I came to:

    -LaunchBar 4 Beta (Fast access to apps, bookmarks, etc)
    -NetNewsWire (Newsfeed-Reader, Blogging)
    -Proteus (I use it for MSN. Supports AIM, Y!, ICQ, etc)
    -SubEthaEdit (Text Editing)
    -Transmit (FTP Client)
    -VLC (Media)
    -X-Chat Aqua (IRC)
    -Poisoned (P2P. Hey, I'm in Europe)
    -Calculator+ (Binary!)
    -HexEdit(Speaks for itself. Looking for an alternative here)

    What is your top 10 list of software you use?

    Note: Please append for shareware. Some of us emptied our wallet when we bought mac =)
  2. Anticipat3 macrumors regular

    Jan 30, 2003
    Madison, Wisconsin
    You've pretty much listed off my favorites.

    VLC - Primo Media Player. Plays anything you throw at it, low CPU usage.
    SubEthaEdit - Lovely lightweight text editor with syntax highlighting. be sure to get the 1.x version; 2.0 has been crashing on me.
    XChat Aqua - Yeah. IRC. Not mIRC or any substitutes.
    Poisoned - Yeah... P2P. It works.

    Here's a few more that I've found exceedingly useful:
    Camino/Firefox - either or, good backup browser for pages that have trouble with khtml
    PDFShrink Shrinks down ginormous PDFs that OSX makes
    MPlayer - VLC is nice too, but I like having both around.
    hymn - lovely little program to strip the DRM off of iTunes AAC files.
    forty-two - One click to rip a DVD to DivX or VCD. Sweet.
    Netflix Freak - Great app if you use Netflix. Manages queue.
    Sharepoints - GUI app for configuring network shares -- should be part of the core OS. Sets up SMB and AFS shares, permissions, settings.
    Konfabulator - Runs all sorts of nifty widgets. I mostly just use the weather one and a few for news feeds (for Fark and /.)
    Carbon Copy Cloner / NetRestore - Hard to believe apple didn't make these utilities themselves. Handy GUI tools for ghosting and restoring whole, bootable filesystems.
    CocoaSQL - Wicked sweet SQL Database maintenance tool. If you're using a web-based one like MyPHPAdmin, check this out
    nmap - Need I say more? ;) Can be compiled from source... a Cocoa version called nmapFE is available, as well.
    Samba Message - Cool little app that sends messages to windows users. Has some good features for making spammers wish they were never born.
    Windows RDC - Remote Desktop... means my windows box is now headless :).
    iPulse - Handy System Resource Graph. I usually just use the Activity Monitor, but this program is interesting enough to have around.
    Fugu - Free, Cocoa SFTP/FTP client. Much better than any others I've seen. This really should be integrated in the "connect to server" for the finder (read AND write) soon...
    Candybar - Lets you customize all of your icons. Very slick, many nice-looking packages available.

    Whew... if that doesn't give you a few new apps to try out, you've been busy! The programs are shareware, but later require a fee to keep using.

    I administer a Mac network, and I'm a former Linux/Unix junkie... so some of these things kinda reflect that ;).
  3. abhishekit macrumors 65816


    Nov 6, 2003
    akron , ohio
    looking in my applications folder,

    Salling Clicker
    Windowshade X
    Transparent Dock

    no particular order, and some others are left.


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