Top of the line 13in MBA(current) vs waiting for new 13in MBP?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by guitargoddsjm, May 21, 2012.

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    My younger brother is going to college next year for pre-med. He's not really tech savvy and he's not planning on doing a lot of gaming on his laptop, so I suggested he get a 13 inch MBA. (Another factor for my recommendation was that I carry my 15 inch MBP with me everywhere at school and the extra weight is hell.)

    His school's bookstore had a single, current gen, brand new, absolute top end 13 inch MBA on closeout (256gb, 1.8ghz i7). It was bundled with Applecare and VGA/DVI adapters for ~$1500 + tax. In my opinion, a killer deal. So we picked it up earlier today.

    I think it's a great computer for the money, but I would feel completely guilty if new Macbook Airs came out in a month. I'm also unsure about how the updated 13 inch Macbook Pros will stack up against this computer (retina display? how much size/weight will they shave off?).

    My brother is perfectly happy and is totally psyched that he has his own computer, and he wanted an Air over a Pro because of the weight savings. But if the updated 13 inch Pro is almost as thin and almost as light as this Air with a retina display, more power. and a lighter price tag, I wouldn't want him to be bummed about it. Although I find it hard to believe that they'd upgrade the 13 inch MBP that much because it would completely cannibalize the Air.

    He hasn't opened it yet (opening = 15% restocking fee) and has two weeks to return it, so not enough time to wait until WWDC.

    Any opinions?
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    The machine you bought will run fine even if new models are introduced. IMO you've already wasted enough time haranguing about this - just open it and use it.
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    That's a good price for a great machine. The refresh will probably be insignificant if you already own a 2011 model Air.

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