Top Runners In 108th Boston Marathon

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    Kenyans Lead Packs For Both Men, Women Elites

    BOSTON -- Leading runners in Monday's 108th Boston Marathon.

    Near Record-High Temps May Make For Brutal Marathon

    Some Cloud Cover, Winds Should Help

    BOSTON -- David Rosenberger rolled his eyes, shook his head in resignation, and muttered the word "frustrated," when reminded of the weather forecast for Monday's Boston Marathon.

    Temperatures for the 108th Boston Marathon are expected to reach the mid-80s, according to the National Weather Service. The average maximum for April 19 is 57.

    The good news, if there is any, is that there will be some cloud cover and the expected 20 to 30 mph sustained winds will be at the backs of the runners.

    My wife is volunteering for her 5th year as a nurse. She is the Team Captain the Sweep Team, triage at the finish line.

    ippy says that if interested you can get DVD of your runner at: Due to the heat they ate taking temperatures with Temporal Artery Thermometry. If want information go to

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