Top seam of iPhone 7 larger and collecting dust?


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Sep 25, 2010
So the iPhone 7 has a rubber seal between the glass and aluminum frame. On my iPhone 7, there is a gap between the seal and the aluminum on the top side of the display that is large enough for dust to have started accumulating in. Never really had this problem with my other iPhones. I took it to the store to compare it with the display models and the vast majority of them appeared to have a similar issue.

I'm not 100 pct obsessive about these things so I can live with it, but it does seem a little wrong to me. Just wondering if anyone else here is noticing a similar issue.


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Feb 23, 2011
My 7 (matte black) has this issue on the top edge as well. Unacceptable. I'll be swapping it as soon as I can get to the Apple store.