Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Snow Leopard TODAY

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    Link: Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Snow Leopard TODAY
    Description:: I’ve seen more than a few interweb critics panning Apple’s Snow Leopard as merely a service pack update, but since installing Snow Leopard yesterday morning, I’ve decided they couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, the only REAL change is the 64-bit stuff that likely won’t matter until sometime around when OS 10.7 comes out, but I’ve noticed more than a few “must-have” goodies that each on their own would more than justify the upgrade cost. Here’s 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Snow Leopard today.

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    Aug 29, 2006
    Stupid article.
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    Jun 26, 2009
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    Jan 13, 2002
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    Aug 7, 2008
    This guy must have been expecting an update like from Tiger to Leopard, apple from the beginning wasn't announcing dramatic appearance changes, if that was supposed to be humour, it was very BAD!
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    No kidding....

    At first, I was actually expecting to see a serious list. (Would be nice to have as a reference to send to people who still aren't sure what they get out of upgrading today, vs. waiting....)

    That doesn't come across to me as humorous at all. It sounds more "anti-Mac" than anything else.

    (Really? Cyberduck doesn't work, so that's a good thing since you won't waste time FTPing anything? Oh yeah, I'm laughing out loud at that joke. SO FUNNY....)

    The mere fact that OS X Leopard is still for sale (and still the only OS option currently sold for PPC Macs) should tell people that Snow Leopard isn't supposed to be a huge upgrade. (If that wasn't a clue, the $30 price tag should have been.) It's exactly what it was meant to be, though.... a better Leopard for people with newer Intel processors and more recent graphics cards, who can squeeze more performance out of those items with the right OS, designed to be aware of them.

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    12. The applications you use all the time will now repeatedly crash for no apparent reason. Where have you seen that in a Mac before?
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    I've noticed a couple of Word 2004 problems. :(
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    The sad thing is it's not that hard to write a REAL list....

    TEN Reasons NOT Love Operation Snow-Jobs

    1> Still doesn't support Blu-Ray. This has to be the one of the saddest things about OS X. It's supposed to be "state of the art" but it doesn't support the ONLY game in town for 1080P movies. Exactly how state-of-the-art does that make OS X look? It should have had BD *FIRST*, not following the leader of Windows. But when your company has a conflict of interest selling sub-DVD quality movies at high prices, you have little incentive to get with the times.

    2> Despite a major OS number bump, only ONE GPU gets hardware accelerated video. Machines made even less than one year ago get no support here. Apple writes their own video drivers and apparently despite having over $24 BILLION in cash reserves, they cannot afford to hire enough programmers to get up-to-date modern GPU drivers that can compete effectively with Windows. Or maybe they just want you to buy a new computer every 6 months since that's their core profit maker? (i.e. MORE conflicts of interests; why update the software for older hardware which makes you no new money? Sure, it hurts your reputation, but who cares about that when the computer equivalent of groupies are your target market group? They don't care about features; they just worship Apple no matter what they do so long as they have cool looking stores and phones)

    3> Quicktime X actually has LESS features than 7 Pro (and yes you ARE paying for it with that $29 upgrade fee so spare me the BS about getting some of the pro features for free)

    4> Snow Leopard actually drops AFP support for connecting to OS9 Macs. They didn't need or have to do this, but again, it's all about trying to sell new hardware. Who cares if some people have applications they need OS9 to run and now they cannot make a network connection to modern Macs? They should get over it and replace those machines anyway. Apple needs more money and Steve might need another organ transplant so get to spending, people.

    5> Games? We don't need no stinking games! Buy an iPod Touch instead! It's the funnest iPod ever. In fact, buy two or three since the older ones won't handle the latest features. Well, they CAN, but Apple will happily deny those features artificially so you HAVE to buy a new one. And if not, you can pay them $10 to get the latest software update. One way or the other, you're gonna pay Apple more money. Get used to it and just don't think about it. You'll be a zombie in no time. Repeat after Steve..."It has something to do with some tax code in Bolivia that says everyone else can give free software updates except Apple."

    6> ZFS? What? You thought we'd have that in OS X by now? Ha ha ha ha ha. No, they'll save that for OS X version 10.9 in 2011. They'll get at least another two Macs and three software update fees out of you before then. Besides, we all know Apple doesn't have enough cash reserves to hire more programmers in order to implement these actual desirable features in a timely fashion and they simpy have to use most of the existing ones to keep the iPhone updates coming at a lightning pace.

    7> Starting with Snow Leopard, bumping minor software updates up to major os revisions might now occur every six to nine months now. It's been decided if you want bug fixes, you should PAY for them. If you want bug fixes for Leopard and PPC machines that cannot run Operation Snow-Jobs, too bad. Apple doesn't do updates for older operating systems (except when threatened by lawsuits for security holes).

    8> Good news! The smart folks at Apple have changed the way OS X counts and a story has been in the history books that is Wikipedia that gigabytes were never actually gigabytes; they were gibibytes all along. Retailers like to state big numbers and so now they can sell a 465GB drive as a 500GB drive without you wondering why it never appears as a 500GB drive in your OS because now it does! You'll THINK you have more hard drive space than you actually have and file sizes will differ from the source sites you download them from so you can wonder if you even have successful transfer. If you worry about how this might affect FTP, don't! Apple can remove all FTP and actual file size number display support in the next update so you wont' notice the file size discrepancies. They'll just put a % indicator on everything instead and you won't notice the difference. In fact, they might just tell you to buy a new hard drive (or better yet a new Mac) when your current drive is 25% full just so you don't have to worry about running out of space!

    9> They've removed a lot of printer drivers some of you need to use your printer to save space. Why don't you just go buy a new printer already? They removed all PPC users (about 1/3 of the Mac users on the planet) for similar reasons. They saved a bit of space and with our new math in #8, it appears that they've saved even more to the untrained eye! Don't feel bad for those PPC users. They can give Apple a few thousand dollars for a new computer and then they too can feel the love of Operation Snow-Jobs.

    10> They decided to give you Cisco VPN for free. Never mind that it simply doesn't work. Like all problems with OS X...It's not a bug! It's a FEATURE.

    And just remember the BEST feature of all in OS X that it's had since mid-Tiger on Intel machines. You can always REBOOT INTO WINDOWS to solve most of your problems (like the comparable lack of software applications and games). Ok, so technically you're then not using OS X anymore and you're just another PC like in the commercials, but who cares!?! Apple already has your money and that's all that really matters anyway! You've still got that cool looking case with the big Apple symbol on it. That should be some small consolation to you. ;)
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    Aug 31, 2009

    Wow, someone sounds bitter! :apple:

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    Colchester, UK.
    Can I have your;

    15" Matte MBP 2.4GHz, 4GB/200GB, NVidia 8600M GT
    2 ATV


    That you were suckered into buying? I think I could just about like them even after all those faults.

    I can trade for an Acer? x
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    Dec 17, 2003
    I'm actually disappointed by Snow Leopard, particularly the lack of compatibility for my relatively new Dell laser printer. Also, Photoshop CS3 is much less stable than it was, and there are lots of weird graphics glitches and crashes. I'm glad Apple revamped the internals and developers have APIs for OpenCL and Grand Central, but I just don't feel like the system is dependable enough to use for any sort of work. I'm surprised Apple released this when they did, given that they had scheduled more time for the release and they certainly could have used that time.

    I'm honestly don't expect to install Snow Leopard on my main computer anytime in the near future, which is a first for me, and I've installed 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5 the day after they were released.
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    In other news:
    Apple still refuses to include 'humor genes' in any of it's official updates.

    Indy Ahdon'tknow says "It's kinda pointless anyway, the wetware is incompatible in its 'nose turned upward' mode."

    Mason Smells says "I never use that nose feature, it seems pointless". And he outta know.

    Don Freaks: "Steve Jobs is dead set against 'humor genes'. Quoth the Maven, "It's a bag of hurt"."

    In other related stories, the Mac 'fun guys' redoubled their efforts to stamp out name calling such as 'iTouch', 'White Book', etc.
    Apple Stores report dropping inventories of keyboards due to the 'foaming at the fingers' issue.
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    With September 9th around the corner, and iTunes 9 purportedly fortified with BD support, there's no need to dismiss the likelihood of true HD and BD support in the foreseeable future.


    Updates are imminent - new GPU drivers will actually surface before long.

    This is likely the reason Q7 is bundled with SL. Perhaps the video editing software, included in SL, is more suitable for editing video than a dedicated media player ought to be, or ought to have been, in the first place.

    WTF - agreed, I was really hoping for this, as it seemed ZFS was ready for full read/write in XServe. Hopefully it will make an appearance before 10.7

    This is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to perception of getting what one pays for, in 'marketspeak' terms of gibibytes. Perhaps this will clarify things for consumers who complain about the discrepancies related to measurement of capacity. However, it would be best be given an option to choose which way to measure file sizes, for the very reason you mentioned.

    at the very least, a failsafe. (to boot)
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    Jun 18, 2007
    I thought I was talking about Snow Leopard, not my current hardware. I just personally think Snow Leopard is a bit of a sham and more of a way to ditch PPC users than anything else. It's both a non-major update and yet still a way to ditch almost 1/3 of all Mac users. Worse yet, the things it SHOULD have it does not, as indicated above and yet Apple likes to tell us that it is THE state-of-the-art operating system out there. I'd just like to know how they can say that when as of the release of Snow Leopard, it still cannot even so much as play a Blu-Ray movie, (or even DTS movie files without 3rd party support from things like Perian and DTS has been around since the mid-90s). Heck, even iTunes could NOT play Dolby Digital 5.1 files to external sound equipment until just recently (within the past year) due to a bug in Quicktime that took them forever to address. State-of-the-art means it does it FIRST. What was the last thing OS X did "first" with anything? Not having viruses alone does not make OS X the best operating system out there. Yes, it's nice, but it's also nice to be able to do the things you WANT to do without having to boot into someone else's operating system all the time.

    Apple has shown time and time again that they do not CARE about supporting things like games for OS X as numerous companies that have requested more information or help with bringing more games to OS X routinely get ignored by Apple. Apparently, it all comes down to what one man has an INTEREST in and with Steve, it's not gaming (other than WoW apparently). Too bad for those that do not share Steve's EXACT interests because that is what gets priority at Apple.

    I hate to say it, but Apple would be far better off without Steve at this stage in the game than with him because he's a total control freak that will not let his company do what it needs to do to really take on Microsoft and it's too bad because OS X has more potential than ANY other OS out there to do just that in a big way. I'm afraid that Apple may have squandered a golden opportunity that was Vista to more than double their market share. But instead, they chose to keep high prices, not focus on areas that would make OS X more directly competitive and basically milk existing users more than trying to attract more new ones with reasonably priced comparable machines that Microsoft is now having a field day attacking Apple with (and with good reason because it's pretty much true and the truth hurts).

    So while I DO like OS X better than Vista, I'm not sure I'll continue to like the small update that is Snow Leopeard better than Windows 7 when it's released. And regardless, I've been keeping an XP machine around for PC gaming because the Mac just doesn't cut it there. As nice as my MBP is, it's still no match for a dedicated dekstop PC for gaming, even when it is running Windows and quite frankly I'm scared to push it too much what with the whole Nvidia 8600 chip issue that may or may not be an issue on my particular machine.

    Other things about OS X software applications from Apple ARE annoying. Watching Final Cut Pro tank/freeze/crash OS X over a half dozen times at its price point is more than disappointing, for example. For all the crying about how awful blue screens of death are in Windows, I have to say that I've had more kernel panics and "freezes" on my two Macs than my "clone" PC running XP. Easily. I've had XP compressing my DVDs into MP4 for WEEKS on end without a single crash whereas my MBP crashes fairly often while doing things like editing large file VHS tapes into H264 MP4 format (and it has twice the ram of the PC at 4GB). XP is a fairly stable operating system these days (i.e. SP3) whereas OS X *SHOULD* be a MUCH MORE STABLE OS given its based on BSD. Unix is known for stability, but I don't care whether it's Tiger on my PPC (which IS the most stable version of OS X I've used, BTW; I'm now running Leopard on it and it crashes probably 40% more often than Tiger ever did) or Leopard on my MBP. They both crash and crash far more often than any Mac fan would have you believe they crash.

    I decided to use a Mac as a server for my whole house audio/video system based on the premise at the time that it would be more stable than a Windows system running 24/7. I'm not sure at this point how true that is. It does often seem stable just serving files, but it's crashed numerous times if I go and do other things like Photoshop editing or browsing. It's hard to predict what will set off a kernel panic, really and often no indication of what it was (although I've learned by trial and error that Photoshop CS3 will eventually guarantee a freeze or panic if used too many hours without quitting/restarting (i.e. while scanning/editing my photo albums). There's obviously some kind of long term memory trashing going on there and OS X is failing to keep it under control despite memory protection). I'm not saying XP would do any better, necessarily, but I'm certainly not convinced it would do any worse.

    Unix has not meant trouble free operation for OS X. What it makes up in one area, it seems to lose in another and Apple seems to have no desire to correct those deficiencies most of the time since they believe Steve's interests are the only thing that matter. Why listen to the customer when they're making money? Obviously, Steve knows better than the users that have complaints/suggestions/ideas/whatever. Otherwise, we would have had simple things like like the customizable finder columns issue addressed long ago (which ironically worked in former versions of the OS). They simply do not care unless half the Mac users population is screaming about it (like with the iPhone price drop thing).

    But the worst part about the Mac Community in general is how you cannot make one negative point about Apple or the OS in general without being accused of being a bitter whiner or even a troll by the fanatics that think Steve can do no wrong. There's no point in "discussion", though if you only ever hear one side of the story and yet I'm hardly a fan of someone like Microsoft. But if Windows7 turns out to be the better operating system, I will be more likely to use it more often and/or make my next computer primarily if not completely a Windows7 machine. I can always keep an older Mac like this PPC one around for virus/worry free browsing the Internet. I've got three computers set up in my den already.
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    Jan 24, 2008
    MagnusVonMagnum, I hope I speak for all of MacRumors in thanking you for posting the fantastic information that you get as a member of Apple's inner circle as to how these decisions are made. If only Steve Jobs (I'm not on a first name basis like you!) would listen to your extremely logical counsel, Apple would be able to develop a huge cash stockpile and Jobs would be known as one of the best, if not the best, CEOs in the industry. I mean, Apple may be growing while Microsoft is posting a year over year loss, but Microsoft is having a field day taking it to Apple. A field day!
  17. KyPosey macrumors regular


    Sep 13, 2008
    Louisville, Ky
  18. MagnusVonMagnum macrumors 601


    Jun 18, 2007
    It's a little hard to take anything someone says seriously when it's just flat out false. You say Microsoft is posting year "over" year loss, but it's simply not true.

    For 2008, it looks like they averaged around 46-50 cents per share profit. Given their shares are a fraction of what Apple's shares were just before the start of 2008 (pushing $200), that translates to around $2-3 per share for the equivalent Apple investment given Apple's shares were around 6x higher at the time and then TANKED to less than half their value (dropping from a high around $200 per share to the $70 share range). So unless you got out before Apple stock dropped (during record profits no less), you lost a lot of investment value very quickly. Microsoft stock dropped in early 2009 to around $16 a share but has bounced back up to the $24 range and given its high was only around $37 in the past two years, it is comparable to what happened with Apple's own stock being cut in two and like Apple much of that ground has been gained back. The difference is that Apple's stock tanked during record profits (a year earlier), making them unpredictable while Microsoft's tanked during the recession that hurt most companies. Apple's stock is therefore much more volatile. Unlike Apple, Microsoft has NEVER been in danger of going out of business in the past 20 years.

    For 2009, Microsoft lost business relative to its previous history, but it STILL made 33 cents per share thus far which is still PROFIT. At $24 a share, you could have roughly 5x the stock as Apple right now which would net you around $1.65 per relative share of Apple stock, which WITH record profits, netted $1.79 per share. So yes, Apple was the better money maker this year so far, but given its relative volatility DURING profits (panicky shareholders causing drops due to realizing that the stock is way overvalued?), it's also more risky. But regardless, you apparently cannot tell the difference between losing money and making money. Maybe you should stay out of stock trading altogether and perhaps making sarcastic comments when you have no clue what you're talking about should be avoided in the future.
  19. Eidorian macrumors Penryn


    Mar 23, 2005
    Keep hoping. Apple can't seem to afford the programmers to support all of their hardware models. :rolleyes:

    I just hope they fix my browser issues. Why did my clean install fail so hard vs. the upgrade? That makes no sense to me.
  20. Konrad macrumors 6502

    Aug 26, 2009
    I would have to agree about the comment pertaining to the now strange and often pompous smell within the hard core mac community. Just like Steve The Liver, people can no longer assume a position closer to humor and all is dead serious and dangerously religious. Significant portion of the fanatics will never admit, nor understand that Steve for sometime now is a militant, calculated cold and very greedy man. The above aspects are today in direct conflict with the old public perception of the romantic free-spirited Apple. The iPhone is constantly disarmed by Ukrainian kids, the device is local and has little to do with making the world a better place or greener for that matter by forcing you to buy a new PB in order to hook up an Apple display, exactly where Steve is very well aware of the fact that most of the mac people will just upgrade. Apple with its resources could easily incorporate modular cabling assemblies making interconnectivity within generations a breeze, but it is not in the interest of our beloved vegan. It is now rather black than green. I don't have an iPhone, but I wonder what happens once you land in Split.

    Axis has a wonderful megapixel camera, fantastic 800 area code engineering support willing to spend all time necessary with a $399 customers setting up their unit(s) for the first time and here would be a solid idea for Apple to develop a robust and dynamic software, sell with Axis tons of IP cameras, relieve the 800 number in MA and give us a new real product rather then feed us with stupid gadgetry.

    Some of you miss BD, but it is pointless. It is like saying I miss SACD on an iPod.

    I also miss Tower Records. Thanks Steve for isolating millions of people from each other by using two silly plugs. Wonderful.
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    Jan 24, 2008
    It's all about context. "Year over year (YOY)" is a investment term indicating a annualized comparison to a specific time period such as a month, quarter, or year. It's obvious that I was comparing growth. Apple increased revenue from the year ago quarter. Microsoft had a decline in revenue from the year ago quarter (aka a YOY loss in revenue).

    You probably already knew that and just chose to argue semantics and go off on a tangential rant about which company is the better investment, so you can try and hide the fact that you have no point.
  22. BaldiMac macrumors 604


    Jan 24, 2008
    It is ironic that you called the only factually truthful statement in my post "flat out false" and "simply not true". :D
  23. windywoo macrumors 6502a


    May 24, 2009
    A joke at Mac users expense! It can't be very funny! If the list had been for Windows 7 you would all be going "Great article".


    Open your tiny minds a little.
  24. surferfromuk macrumors 65816

    Feb 1, 2007
    WHEN will Windows people LEARN!

    Mac is NOT Windows.

    Long and difficult consideration is made at Apple about actually taking things out as much as they are about putting new things in.

    Apple intentionally drops things to make way for new things and to de-clutter the OS - a bit like clearing out the garage. They do not leave anything and everything that was ever coded in for all time.

    That's Apple's philosophy and it's something Windows users and marketeers deliberately try and 'twist' into a negative - this distorted idea that more is more. It is not.

    Leaving crap out is what makes Apple products so great. I know it's a hard concept to get your head around but please try...

    Snow Leopard is a mature refined operating system.

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