Toronto pride org feels they were slapped in the face by police

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Zombie Acorn, Jun 24, 2017.

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    So first off the pride organization bows to ******** demands by the terrible "organization" known as BLM to ban uniformed officers from participating in Pride. They somehow retain city funding (my tax dollars) for the parade while telling certain people that they can't be in the parade (exclusive), and then feel they were "slapped in the face" when the Toronto police join an actual inclusive pride event in New York. Is there any winning here? Perhaps pride should get it's priorities straight and divorce itself from the cancer that is BLM before it's too late. The same organization nearly derailed their entire parade last year until their demands were met. It's getting ridiculous as this event used to be about bringing people together, not drawing political lines.
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    Wow, check out Mr inclusivity/leave you political affiliations at the door over here.

    You've changed.
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    Have you guys seen the tricked out NYPD Pridemobile?? Love it. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for a 360° view
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    Also, I think it was totally wrong to exclude cops from the Toronto pride event. Yeah there's way too many power hungry violent cops on the streets, but there's also plenty of good ones. Excluding them from participating in pride events only alienates them for no reason and causes further division and resentment.

    Besides, I would think at a Pride event you would want MORE men in uniform, not less. :p
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    They won't let cops march in their parade unless they are closeted but now they are annoyed that the cops marched in a different cities parade out and proud? Can't please some people I guess.
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    Seems like a perfect event to drop a bomb on and take care of the cockroaches. Maybe some daisy cutters for dramatic effect?

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