Touch Screen Monitor(s) as Control Surface in Logic X (not just iPads)?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by D*I*S_Frontman, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Hey MR,

    When pricing out control surfaces for a home project/semi-pro mixing room, the prices for hardware still seem high for what you get (the cheap Behringer stuff an obvious exception). I've started threads here in the past suggesting that a pair of 22" 1080p IPS touch screen monitors could serve as a virtual mixing desk with the right drivers.

    The major problem with this set-up is that current drivers really only allow for one action at a time, like the mouse they replace. There are 3rd party software/hardware companies out there offering a version of "multi-touch" with their monitors that permits up to ten separate events, i.e., the user can move several virtual faders at once rather than only one at a time, but this functionality is tied to their complete packages which they sell at a premium price.

    While Apple has offered the Remote app that essentially turns an iPad into a remote multi-touch control surface, is there any possibility that a) Apple will release a version of this or an update to Logic X itself that permits this functionality on larger-scale touch surfaces, or b), some third-party developer could bang out a $99 add-on app that essentially does the same thing? It would be nice to view and have instant access to mixing controls on 48 or more channels at a time without spending thousands on expanded control surfaces. 1080p touch screens are dirt cheap compared to any of the other decent hardware control surface options.


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